What questions people asks Google about Barcelona?

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Is Barcelona…? Everything You Wanted To Know About The City


If you are planning to visit Barcelona soon, you are likely to ask Google a few questions about the city while you are planning your trip. Yes, Google is the know-it-all that can answer pretty much anything you ask. Or I should rather say, find the answer for you.

Today we suggest you a little divertimento: let’s have a look at what are the most common questions people asks, and what are the answers according to a local expert like us. Are you ready?

These are the top “Is Barcelona…?” questions people asks Google (and their right answers):​


Is Barcelona expensive?​

Well, it depends on what you are comparing Barcelona with. Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in Spain and for some things such as hotels and site entrance fees it easily compares to European cities such as Rome or Paris. However, London, Oslo or Geneva, are way more expensive specially when it comes to meals.

Unfortunately, some tourists assume that just because of the economical crisis the prices all over Spain will have dropped… and that’s not true: they have often risen (making life even harder for locals, whose salaries have remained the same).

So please please please, if you find a shop or restaurant that seems too expensive do not snap them a comment of the kind “In *** (some country in Asia or Africa) it would have been half the price”: that’s quite insulting and the conversation won’t have a happy end (and yes, that’s a real example). If something is too expensive, just keep looking: thanks god, affordable options still exist in our city.


Is Barcelona safe for tourists?​

Or Is Barcelona a safe city? Or is Barcelona dangerous? This is probably the top question people asks. And my answer is: way more than a few years ago! I remember that summer of 2010 when the city suffered a plague of pick-pockets (mostly Romanian gypsies), and being a tour guide became a nightmare: in each tour I had to be constantly on the lookout, warning my clients and more than once my colleagues and I had to stand up to protect our guests. I even considered quitting my tourguide job because it was unbearable!

Luckily, the new major sent reinforced the police and within a year over 100 of those pickpockets were reported being arrested in other countries: they had left the city! Nowadays touring Barcelona is much nicer and I only occasionally cross pickpockets during my tours. Of course, you still have to take precautions: this is a big city, and things happen. So, is Barcelona safe? Yes! if you follow this common sense rules.


Is Barcelona in Spain?​

Nope. Is Barcelona a City? Yes! Barcelona is a city, and also the name of a province in Spain. So Spain is the name of the country (at least so far, see below). Spain is divided in 17 “Autonomous Communities” (administrative regions). Barcelona is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalunya (Catalonia). 

And Catalunya is divided in 4 provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. Each province is also divided in several “comarcas” (counties): Barcelona is the capital of the county of Barcelonès. And BTW, Is Barcelona in Europe? Yes!


Is Barcelona a country?​

So far, yes. However, the local population hasn’t been too pleased about the way the rest of Spain treats our area and since 2010 the number of people in favor of separating from Spain has dramatically increased. 

There’s been demonstrations gathering over one million people, there’s been world-record breaking human chains claiming for independence, there’s been non-binding consultations (that couldn’t be called officially a referendum because the Spanish government forbid it)… 

And the number of unhappy people keeps growing. The current Catalan government has given themselves 18 months to “unplug” from Spain. We’ll have to wait to see if they can really achieve it, but so far, Barcelona continues to be in Spain.


Is Barcelona on the coast?​

Definitely! Barcelona is on the Mediterranean coast. We enjoy 5km of beach all of them reachable by public transportation (we tell you which are our favorite Barcelona beaches here), 3 marinas (Port Vell, Port Olímpic and Port de Sant Adrià-Fòrum), the most important cruise port in Europe and the Mediterranean area – with room for up to 10 cruise ships at the same time, and a busy logistics and containers port going from the city all the way to almost the airport area.

AND BONUS! The “Is Barcelona” question that doesn’t relate to the city but to something else: ​


Is Barcelona playing tonight?

The FC Barcelona is the major soccer team in the city (there is a minor team called Espanyol aswell). Together with its big rival, Real Madrid, it’s one of the most followed teams in the world. Their stadium is called Camp Nou, and if you are in town when they are playing, attending a game ca be a memorable experience!

Or if you couldn’t get tickets, you can just show up at one of the many local bars that will have it on TV and join some locals cheering from the bar. So what’s the answer to Is Barcelona playing tonight? Visit their official website to check it out!

Have we answered your burning “Is Barcelona…” question?​


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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