Food is a passion that we never forget when we are on holydays. And because Barcelona gourmet: Spanish hamwe know that you don’t either, today we want to share with you our favorite food shops to get your gourmet shopping done.

We shared some time ago what were our favorite Barcelona gourmet products, now discover with us where to get them.


These are our 5 favorite gourmet food shops:

Colmado Quilez

A 100yo groceries store where the shop assistants still dress with an old-fashioned apron and use weird instruments to reach the highest shelves. Their selection of local and foreign delicatessen is exquisite. Check it out when you walk around Passeig de Gràcia: it’s just one block from Casa Batlló. Locals are so happy they managed to solve their rental renovation issues and they won’t be closing after all!

Gourmet Barcelona: chocolatesReserva Ibérica

A brand new store totally dedicated to ham and pork products. It’s owner is Manuel Lopez, probably the top expert in jamón in Spain. You can’t go wrong getting your jabugo and bellota there. They cut their hams by hand and will let you try before buying.

Oriol Balaguer

Concept cakes and design chocolate for the most exigent palates. He’s a world-renowned chocolatier that will also surprise you with his exclusive cake designs. Aside from his flagship store in the upskilled uptown district, he has recently opened a hot chocolate café in the Born district where you can also try some of his chocolates.

Torradors Gispert

A hidden gem. They have been using for over 160 years the same wood oven to roast their nuts. This gorgeous shop, where you can get all kind of local spices, canned olives and nuts, is one of the stars of our foodie tour. If you are lucky, you might arrive when the oven is functioning  and they’ll be happy to show you how it works. Or you might be able to try warm nuts right off the oven if they have been roasting before you arrived.

Vila Viniteca

Food Shops: Torradors Gispert wood oven

Probably the best wine store in Barcelona and another of the Barcelona gourmet favorites. Local whites, rosés, reds and sparkling, and a great selection of wines and spirits from all over the world. They also own a deli across the street that is worth visiting, where you can also enjoy a light meal (fresh salads, charcuterie and cheese, of course, paired with some great but affordable wines by the glass).

AND BONUS! Where to get pure virgin olive oil:

6    Oro Líquido

Located in the heart of the Old Town, this shop specializes in Spanish Extra Virgin Olive oil. They’ll be glad to assess you choosing the best type of olive for your palate and the use you want to give to it (we are absolute fans of the bitter arbequina). They also often have 3 oils of the day ready for tasting: don’t be shy and dip a piece of bread in the oil dishes to decide which one you like the most! They also have an assortment of small gift bottles and also cosmetics made with olive oil.

So what about you? Head to the comments and tell us: what are your favorite food shops in the Barcelona gourmet scene?

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