Great hotels in Barcelona with indoor pool

Are you one of those who always look for a hotel with pool because you love it? Regardless if it’s winter or summer you need a pool.  The weather in Barcelona is usually temperate but in autumn and winter outdoor pools are out of service, so if you love pools also when it’s cold, today we’ll help you finding some great local hotels with indoor pools.


These are our recommendations for a hotel with indoor pool:

Hotel Alma

What is inside this hotel in Passeig de Gràcia it’s not only an indoor pool but an oasis of peace and tranquility. The square pool, the sofas to relax and the quiet atmosphere are the perfect place to relax after a tour or a cold day shopping.

Melià Barcelona Sky

The indoor pool of Melià is part of the SPA that includes a sauna, Turkish bath, thermal showers and water circuits. Actually, if the weather is good don’t miss the outdoor pool at the terrace on the top of the building with panoramic views.

Recommended hotel with indoor pool in BarcelonaHotel Miramar

This hotel is located in Montjuïc hill surrounded by gardens. The indoor pool is inside the SPA with all the facilities of a 5 star GL hotel. Like Melià, if there’s good weather don’t miss the outdoor pool located inside a garden: you’ll feel surrounded by nature.

Acta Atrium Palace

The 18m2 indoor pool of this hotel is part of a SPA that offers cromotherapy, Jacuzzi, sauna and massages. All of this in the heart of Barcelona, near Passeig de Gràcia.

Princesa Sofia

The Hotel Princesa Sofia is one of the best hotels in town with no doubt, and its indoor pool is great as well. There’s also a sauna, a solarium, an hydro massage tub, a relaxation area, steam bath and a roof that lets UVA rays shine in.

AND BONUS! Want to know which is our favorite hotel with indoor pool in town?

6 Barcelona hotels with indoor poolsHotel 1898

We absolutely love the cozy design of this indoor pool under a  a Catalan vault  (a type of low arch made of plain bricks). The SPA also offers whirlpools, sauna, therapeutic fountains and a steam room. There’s no better place in town to relax and swim indoors!

Coming in the summer? Then you might not need indoor pools but outdoor pools instead! Don’t miss our blog post about them.

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: Do you know any other great indoor pools in Barcelona?


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