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Barcelona Hidden Restaurants – Shhh! It’s A Secret!

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Let us take you exploring the best Barcelona hidden restaurants: after all, isn’t travel about adventure, too?

Some Barcelona restaurants are “secret” because they are kind of hidden. Some other are hidden because they are meant to be secret – only accessible if you are in the know.

But they are all Barcelona hidden gems. Wouldn’t it be fun to eat in one of them? We don’t want you to miss them, either. Today we are taking you on a secret restaurant discovery.

This is our list of favorite secret restaurants:​


Passadís d’en Pep​

If you have done some research about good fish restaurants in Barcelona, you might have come up with this name already. After all, it’s one of the top Barcelona restaurants for fish and tapas. But if it’s easily trackable online, why would I say it’s a “secret restaurant”? The truth is that it’s not easy to find. There is no sign at the door, just the street number on top of a door leading to a dark corridor that enters a building.

If you dare entering it, at the end of the corridor you’ll open a door and behind it… surprise! Here is this huge restaurant where they don’t have a menu to chose from: they just start serving you food and more food, and when you can’t eat anything else, they’ll go: “So what should you have now as a main course?” (skip straight to desert if you are too full for a big plate of meat or fish). BTW, “Passadís d’en Pep” means “Joe’s corridor” – enigma solved.


Cova Fumada​

Another secret restaurant difficult to find: this is a famous tapas place in the main plaza of the Barceloneta district. Again, no sign at the door and not even the street number! So when you finally deduce what door should it be and you open it up, you find yourself in a busy tapas bar famous to have invented the “bombas” (deep fried mashed potato balls stuffed with spicy minced meat). 

This place has a meaningful name, too: “Cova fumada” means the “smoked cave”, when you get it, you’ll understand that the name really suits the venue.


Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant​

Although you don’t see them very often in the streets, there is a small Hare Krishna community in Barcelona and their main temple is located in an alley off La Rambla. They run a small vegetarian restaurant to support their activities, but again, there is no sign in the street. And this time, getting in is a bit trickier: you need to know the floor number and call the intercom.

Attention: if you arrive too early and they are still praying they won’t answer: you’ll have to wait a few minutes and try again until someone opens the door from upstairs. Then you walk up to the floor where the temple is, go in, walk in along a corridor… and if you are lucky to cross a monk, ask directions on how to get to the restaurant (that apartment is a bit like a maze if you don’t know it!). The food is correct and actually pretty cheap. And don’t worry, they won’t try to convert you to their beliefs!



Towards the end of La Rambla, next door to one of the most famous Flamenco Tablaos in town, there’s a stately building where the second floor has housed for over 120 years the Centro Gallego – a social club for Galician people. 

Their restaurant has lately become a widely spread secret among locals, that are now happy to have a reason to go back to La Rambla and not feel like a tourist. You’ll be served traditional Galicia food, mostly seafood specialties.


Dontell Laundromat​

Who would have thought that the back of a humble laundromat hides of the most famous secret restaurants in Barcelona? This place is not secret by accident, but hidden in purpose. 

Following a trend that arrived from NYC, the owners decided to open the first secret restaurant in Barcelona where people would only get the address by word of mouth, and they could only access it if they knew the password. The formula was so successful that other people has copied their idea already. BTW, can you guess where the name of the laundry place comes from?

AND BONUS! A secret dinning room inside a hidden restaurant:​



The Eixample district also has its hidden restaurants. In the mezzanine of an appartment building on Mallorca street, surprisingly close to La Pedrera, there’s a cool restaurant decorated with a classy taste that at night is also a fancy cocktail bar. They have several private rooms, and one of them is accessed by a “secret” door. What makes it the most secret of the Barcelona hidden restaurants.

Had you heard about any of these secret restaurants in Barcelona?​


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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