Standing in line to enter a monument is the most common way to waste precious time when you are traveling. Places such as the Picasso Museum and Casa Milà/Pedrera standout for their long queues to go in, but the impressive Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi beats them all with lines that are never less than 60 minutes long.

But is there a way to avoid lines? Sure! Smart travelers know how to get fast track entry, and today we are giving away some of the most wanted tips that you need to know before coming to Barcelona!Fast Track entry

Here is how to avoid lines at the Sagrada Familia church:

Travel off-season

That goes without saying: if you are traveling during the high season, it is going to be much harder to skip the line. But if you can choose what time of the year you can come to Barcelona, then it’s always a good idea to come during the low season: January, February and early March, as well as late November and early December.

Arrive early

The middle of the day is when the lines tend to be the longest: check out the opening hours and plan to arrive early (the Sagrada Familia church opens at 9 AM and closes between 6 PM and 8 PM depending on the month). But take into account that many travelers are starting to be aware of this trick and are arriving before it opens: if you’re going to take the chance, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes earlier.

Visit in the afternoon

The afternoon is the best time to go to Sagrada Familia when the season is not that high yet (March and April except Easter and Spring Break, October and November), but it might not be so helpful in the summer when Barcelona gets most visitors. Visiting in the afternoon has also the downside that you will have less time to visit as the closing time will be near.

Buy tickets in advance

Sagrada Familia church lines

Most monuments offer now the possibility of buying tickets in advance and skip the line. You can get tickets for the Sagrada Familia Basilica directly from their website, but remember that you will have to prepay them and you will be committed to arriving at a certain time. Once there, head to the Online Fast Track Entry access beside the normal ticket office.

Book a private Gaudi tour that includes the Sagrada Familia

Not many people knows that licensed tourguides are allowed to skip the line with small groups: if you hire a private tourguide to show you Barcelona, make sure to choose an itinerary that includes the Sagrada Familia church. For instance, our Gaudi Tour includes fast track entry to it. This is obviously a more expensive option, but it also gives you total freedom and some bonuses: Your tour will probably allow for some extra time to visit other sites apart from the Church, and you will not need to buy tickets for Sagrada Familia Church in advance. That way your tourguide will be able to adapt to your pace and rhythm without needing to worry about arriving there at a certain time, and your sightseeing will be smoother and more pleasant.

Do you have any tricks to get fast track entry and skip the line when you are traveling? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!


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