This is a sample itinerary for our Colonia Güell and Palau Guell Tour.
Final itinerary and timings might vary due to many factors (traffic conditions, your location and pace, your main interests…)



Meet your guide & driver

Your tourguide and your driver pick you up at your hotel/apartment/cruise pier and drive to the Güell Colony (or alternatively, meet your tour guide in Plaça Espanya to take the train).



Gaudi's other unfinished church

Your visit will start at the Visitor Center of the Colònia with a visit of their interesting exhibit about what it was, who lived here and how it was related to Antoni Gaudi and the Count. You will learn about the textile factory, its workers and the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia.

Next you will go to the Colonia Guell Crypt to admire this hidden gem by Gaudi where he showed his creativity for using factory materials in other to produce a gorgeous little church that was unfortunately never completed. You’ll be fascinated about his ingenious parabolic arches, and his ability to design furniture as well as stained-glass windows. And you’ll learn how this unusual structure acted as a lab where Gaudi tried out the techniques that he was planning to use later on at the Sagrada Familia church.

If there is some time left after visiting the Guell Colony Crypt, your guide will also take you on a stroll around the Colonia to understand better how people lived here, the layout of the real state (based on three main points: the church, the school and the factory), and how the community and its services were organized. It is fascinating to realize that there are is still descendants of the original workers living here, as the place has continued to be a residential area even after the factory closed.



Güell’s private mansion


Start your day with Gaudi’s first masterpiece: Palau Güell, a private mansion designed for Gaudi’s patron and best friend, the count Eusebi Güell. Learn everything about how they met and the trust the businessman put on the architect, while admiring some beautiful antique furniture and discovering how Gaudi started approaching different architectural solutions.

*On the first Sunday of the month Palau Güell will be substituted by Casa Vicens, Gaudi’s opera prima.


After the visit, if you took a chauffeured tour, your guide and your driver will drop you off back to your hotel or other place of your choice. If you took the train, your guide can put you on a taxi or give you directions to take the subway or walk.



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