This is a sample itinerary for our Private Sitges Tour.
Final itinerary and timings might vary due to many factors (traffic conditions, your location and pace, your main interests…)



Meet your guide & driver

Your guide and your driver will meet you at your hotel or apartment and drive you South, crossing first some logistics and farming areas and past the El Prat airport until you reach the Parc del Garraf mountains that are crossed by a long tunnel that connects with Sitges. The blue of the Mediterranean sea is spotted now and then from the road.


Around whitewashed streets


Let your guide show you around the beautiful alleys of the old town of Sitges, with its interesting modernist architecture, views over the Mediterranean sea, and plenty of unique details and stories.

You’ll learn about the famous Racó de la Calma (Corner or Calm) with the Cau Ferrat, once the home of modernist artist Santiago Rusiñol, who organized art and literature festivals there and collected wrought iron pieces and antique glass items that are still displayed there. And the Maricel Palace, once owned by the American millionaire Charles Deering, and now a fascinating art museum featuring pieces of local painters as well as medieval art and modernist sculpture, among other styles.


Wrapping up...


Hop back to the car to get back to Barcelona. If you wish, you can ask your driver to take you on the Garraf road instead of the tunnel: it’s a very scenic winding road over the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, that used to be the only way to get to Sitges from Barcelona before the tunnel was built. After leaving the Garraf mountains behind, the road connects with the motorway you took in the morning.


You’ll arrive to Barcelona on time for a late lunch on your own. We can drop you off back to your hotel or apartment, or at some nice local restaurant.


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