This is a sample itinerary for our Private Flamenco & Tapas Tour.
Our tapas tours are all different: your guide will select the bars according to your style and favorite foods. Schedule might vary depending on flamenco show availability.



Meet your tourguide in the Old Town (or at your location if that’s more convenient, then head to the Old Town).


A world of flavors

Around 2 hours

You’ll be taken on a stroll around its medieval alleys stopping in a couple of small authentic tapas bars to enjoy some great local food. Your guide will help you choosing the best specialties, translating and ordering, and you’ll hear stories about how tapas were invented.

Your guide’s service will end when you are dropped off at the Flamenco venue to enjoy the show on your own. But before leaving, your guide will make sure you have all the necessary information to either walk back to your hotel, find a cab or continue enjoying the city nightlife.


Gipsy Passion


Your guide’s service will end when you are dropped off at the Flamenco venue to enjoy the show on your own. 

There you’ll be able to enjoy the show and a drink. The Andalusian community of Barcelona has always worked to preserve their roots, which has given place to one of the most important Flamenco schools in Spain. Unfortunately, Barcelona locals don’t really feel it as their own thing, and they don’t often hang out in tablaos, that have remained a tourist activity even when the quality of the shows is outstanding.A very professional and prestigious show offering the essential flamenco: a variety of “palos” (styles) ranging from sad and dramatic to passionate and frenetic. Singers, guitars players and dancers evolve in a stage, wearing the traditional black for men and colorful frilled flamenco dresses for the ladies. The show we choose for our tours is considered to offer one of the finest in town.


Time to get back to your hotel or to continue enjoying the city nightlife!


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