This is a sample itinerary for our Private Gaudi Tour.
Final itinerary and timings might vary due to many factors (tickets availability, your location and pace, your main interests…)


Either you are meeting your guide directly in the city center or at your own location, your tour will start with an introduction about Gaudi’s timeframe, linking it to the Industrial Revolution, the arrival of Modernism (Art Nouveau) and the creation of the Eixample District.


The Stone Quarry


Your Gaudi architecture tour takes you first to Passeig de Gràcia, the main street of Barcelona and the heart of the Eixample District, where Modernism was developed. You’ll be taken inside Casa Milà / Pedrera, a controversial apartment building, that the Barcelona society wasn’t ready to understand in Gaudi’s time. He was heavily criticized then, but now this building is considered one of his masterpieces. It was also the last private project Gaudi accepted before devoting himself exclusively to the Sagrada Família Church, 1906-1910.



Fairy-tale Land


Next, a taxi ride will take you to Park Güell: an unfinished project commissioned by Gaudi’s best friend and patron Eusebi Güell.

Although it never became the planned community that it was meant to be, but it’s now the most fairy-taleish park in Barcelona. You’ll be fascinated by the colors of its mosaic tiles, and you’ll also enjoy great views over Barcelona.





Finally, another taxi ride from it is located the breathtaking Sagrada Família Church, his absolute masterpiece to which he dedicated the last years of his life until his death (he could already tell then that the project would take several generations to be completed).

Following his wishes and the plaster models he left (reconstructed after the damages caused by a fire during the Spanish Civil war in 1936), the construction has continued and now it’s scheduled to be finished by 2026-30. Pope Benedict dedicated the inside in November 7, 2010 during a solemn multitudinous mass.


At the end of the tour, if you booked a taxi tour, your guide can put you on a taxi or give you directions back to your hotel or somewhere for lunch. Or you might decide to stay inside the Sagrada Familia (or last site visited) and continue enjoying it on your own.

If you booked a chauffeured tour, you’ll be dropped off back to your hotel or apartment, or at some local restaurant for lunch on your own.


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