Montserrat And Dali Museum Tour Itinerary

This is a variation of our Private Montserrat & Girona in One Day Tour.
Final itinerary and timings might vary due to many factors (your location and pace, traffic conditions, your main interests…)



Meet your guide & driver

Be picked up at your hotel, apartment or the cruise pier by your private tour guide and your driver to drive you to Montserrat, driving along the Llobregat river, the orchards and factories along it, all the way to the foot of the Mountain of Montserrat.



Your choice

There are 3 different ways to get to the Monastery:

  • Cablecar: Our favorite way, unless you are scared of heights. The ride takes less than 5 minutes, and even if guides can’t skip lines, there isn’t usually many people when we get there. Not recommended for people with walking issues either, as the walk from the upper station to the Monastery is uphill and involves some steps.
  • Rack (cog wheel) train: The option for those who are scared of heights and get motion-sickness. Unfortunately, guides can’t skip lines there either and specially in the weekends and high season they can be particularly long. The ride takes 15 minutes.
  • Drive: You can of course choose to just stop to take a picture of the Monastery from the bottom of the mountain and continue by car. It’s a very scenic winding road and the ride takes around 15 minutes.



Things to do in Montserrat

1 hour

The Monastery area offers lots of activities to choose from. Here are some ideas:

  • Art Museum. If you like art, you will be impressed by the beautiful collection the monks have gathered throughout the centuries! The visit takes at least 1 hour.
  • Hike to the Cross of Saint Michael. An easy hike that provides outstanding views over the Monastery. 1 hour total.
  • Via Crucis path. This shorter walk with decorative panels describing Jesus Path of the Cross takes around 30 minutes and despite a few steps here and there, it’s quite easy to walk and it takes you into the nature and away from the pilgrim and visitors crowds for a while, with also some nice photo opportunities.
  • Audiovisual and Exhibit. A 10 minute audiovisual explains what the Mountain and the Monastery of Montserrat mean for the locals, from its history, its religious significance, the art and the nature. Then the visit continues through a nice exhibit that explains how the monks and the children of the choir live (about 20 minutes more, after watching the video).
  • Shopping. There are two gift shops and a small farmers market with a dozen stalls selling local food products such as cheese, honey, fig bread and caramelized nuts.

You’ll discuss the options with your guide, and spend your time focusing on your favorite activities. Your guide will stay with your during the entire time.


Waiting for the Choir


The Escolania Choir sings every day except Saturdays and school holidays at 1PM (Sundays at Noon). The Basilica gets packed, so for the best experience we recommend arriving 30 minutes earlier to get a good spot standing as close to the altar as possible (or one hour if you wish to be able to seat). During the waiting time your guide can continue whispering you explanations, and as the Choir time approaches, a monk will read some passages of the Gospels in different languages.


Oldest Boy Choir in Europe


Hearing the Escolania Choir is a highlight of this tour. But because it’s so popular, there’s not enough room in the Royal Basilica of Montserrat for everyone that wants to attend (even if the Basilica isn’t precisely small…). That’s why we recommend to head there 30 minutes earlier in order to get a good spot standing as close as possible (if you want to be seated, then you should arrive 1 hour earlier).

The Escolania sings 3 songs: the Our Father prayer, the Salve (an anthem in honor of the Virgin Mary), and the Virolai (the hymn of the Black Madonna), and it lasts 15 minutes. They sing every day at 1PM, except Sundays when they sing at noon right after mass, and Saturday when they have their day off and don’t sing at all.


Time to Eat!


After the choir, you’ll have some time for a light lunch at the Monastery canteen. Unfortunately, the food options aren’t great: sandwiches and cafeteria reheated food (chicken, sausages, omelettes, fries, salads…). But if you wish to see the choir, I’m afraid that’s the only option (unless of course you prefer to wait until 3.30PM and eat a decent lunch in Girona…

ONLY EXCEPTIONS: On Saturday and during school holidays there is no Choir, so we can start your tour at 8:30AM and be in Girona at 1:30PM for lunch. On Sunday the Choir sings at noon, and if we leave right after, we’ll be in Girona by 2.30 for lunch.



A surrealist funfair designed by Dali himself


The Dali Museum is located in his hometown, Figueres. The ride there from Montserrat is long, so feel free to take a lovely nap, or enjoy the views as you cross the landscapes of the central Catalonia: mountains, farmlands, villages, woods and local industries. As you approach Figueres, your guide will start giving you some background about Salvador Dali’s life and work, so you can take the most out of your visit once you get there.

Once at the Museum, you’ll be skipping lines with your guide, who will go inside with you and continue to provide insightful explanations that will reveal the secrets of the museum artwork for you.


Enjoying the landscape


Back to the car, enjoy a well deserved rest or continue chatting with your tour guide about what you’ve seen today,  make more questions to your guide, or get recommendations for the rest of your stay.


At the end of the tour you’ll be dropped off back to your hotel or apartment after a great day out of town.

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