This is a sample itinerary for our Private Cava and Wine Tours from Barcelona.
Final itinerary and timings might vary due to many factors (cellar availability, traffic conditions, your location and pace, your main interests…)



Getting out of the city

Your private tour guide and your driver will pick you up at your location in Barcelona city and drive you along the Llobregat river all the way to the Penedès County. On the way your guide will start filling you in about the local wine history and point out at relevant landmarks that you’ll be passing by.



Visit & Tasting

1.5 hours

In our Barcelona cava tours we offer you a range of wineries to visit: from monumental ones to family-owned, organic, artisan, award-winners… Some are located in the countryside and surrounded by vineyards, while other are urban cellars. So always taking into account your comments, we’ll try to choose two cellars that are different enough.

The Penedès Wine Country is one of the most popular wine countries around Barcelona, and despite being famous for their cava (sparkling wines), they also produce beautiful whites, reds and rosés. So for instance, the first cellar could be mostly dedicated to wine and located in the countryside near the vineyards.

The visit of the cellars lasts around 1 hour, and is followed by a wine tasting of around 30 minutes.



Visit & Tasting

1.5 hours

The secon cellar, for instance, could be a cava cellar within the village. It makes a nice contrast, as the process of cava making is different from that of wine.

We know some great cava wineries near Barcelona, where the locals are proud of their products and their family tradition, so this is not just about entering a cellar, drinking and leaving: they want you to get introduced to their brand philosophy, their history and their dreams, and they do that while showing you around their facilities. And only then, they’ll consider you are ready to taste their wines. Trust us, nothing tastes better than wine after having met and got to know their wine makers! And that’s why in our Barcelona cava tours, we want to you to connect with this authenticity.



Full Day Tours Only

If you booked an 8-hour tour, after visiting the cellars you’ll be taken to a local restaurant to have lunch. You’ll probably be the only foreigner in the place!


Getting out of the city

Hop in the car again to be taken back to Barcelona. Use this last ride to discuss the day with your guide, ask questions or get recommendations for the rest of your stay.

3PM or 5PM

At the end of the tour, you’ll be dropped off back to your hotel or apartment, or at some local restaurant for lunch on your own.


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