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Kosher food in Barcelona

Kosher Barcelona Guide: Our Guide To Jewish Food In Barcelona


The kosher Barcelona scene has changed a lot these last years. I have been giving tours for over 14 years now, and many of my clients are Jewish. Although not all of them observed strictly the kosher rules when they are traveling, occasionally I meet people that are very committed with the kosher rules.  And for many years, it was a big problem for them to find places to find Jewish food in town. Until a couple of years ago, there where no kosher restaurants in Barcelona.

Luckily, things have changed and now the kosher Barcelona visitors and locals are starting to have a small but decent variety of places where you will be able to respect the Jewish food laws. Let’s discover where!

Here is our Kosher Barcelona guide:​​



This restaurant specializing in rice and fish dishes from the delta of the Ebro river, is probably the only high end restaurant with a Kosher certification and one Michelin star. They have three Kosher tasting menus with prices ranging from €100/person and up. An expensive treat that is well worth it!

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Ben Ben Kosher House​

A fairly new kosher store in 257 Aribau st, and area in the uptown Barcelona that has welcomed several other kosher business although unfortunately they haven’t lasted much. Hopefully this one succeeds! They have a butcher and deli shop, a market and a café, and aim to become a kosher meeting point in the city.


Taim Catering​​

Order your kosher food online. They deliver at your hotel or apartment, and can also prepare special Shabbat dinners and catering for special events in Barcelona and surroundings.

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Do you need quick comfort food? Just off la Rambla this street food venue offers falafels with vegetable side dishes. It belongs to an Israeli chain, so they know what they are doing when it comes to keeping it Kosher!
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This restaurant in La Rambla might look like one more touristy restaurant from outside, but it’s actually the only Kosher restaurant in Barcelona that serves Spanish tapas, Israeli food and is large enough to accept groups. They also do deliveries and take away, and also feature a special Erev Shabbat menu.

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AND BONUS! Here is where to find kosher wine:​​


Call Barcelona​​

What is a good Jewish meal without a great kosher wine? In the Jewish quarter Barcelona you will find this interesting cultural center, a mix of bookstore, wine store and Jewish cultural center. Plus after savoring the kosher Barcelona you can also take a tour of the Medieval Jewish Section!

Do you know any other place to get Kosher food in Barcelona?​​


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  1. Rachel Goodman Aspler

    How current is this information about kosher Barcelona? we are coming from July6-12, 2016 and eat strictly kosher and will be in Barcelona, staying at a hotel near the Jewish Quarter. thank you!

    1. ​I’m afraid it’s not clear: Google says it’s closed and their website is down too, but our local Jewish contacts say it’s open on Sundays from 10am to 2pm and for home delivery… Unfortunately being August it’s hard to check as even if they were open they’d likely be closed for holidays. And if they only open on Sundays I’m afraid we can’t check either as our office is closed in the weekends. If you are staying at a hotel in Barcelona maybe you could ask the concierge to check. And then let us know what you found out! Thanks!

  2. An update for September, 2018 please? I understand there is a kosher/Israeli restaurant in the Pl dels Àngels?

    1. Hi!
      Can you confirm it was on Plaça dels Àngels? Do you know its name?
      We haven’t heard of it, and we asked around but our contacts didn’t know anything either… Keep us posted if you can find anything else about it!

    1. Hi!
      Shaq Shuq was open last week when I passed by it, and Google seems to think it’s open too.
      We try to keep this post as updated as possible. If you learn about any new kosher restaurant open, make sure to let us know!

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