Marie Forleo Reviews: Who is it for?What other Marie Forleo reviews don’t tell you

There are plenty of online reviews about Marie Forleo’s B-School program. They tell you how much they’ve learned, how much their businesses have grown… There are also some negative reviews mostly just blaming the program, but they don’t often analyze why it didn’t work for them.

I believe often the reason why B-School doesn’t give the expected results is because the program wasn’t really what they needed at that specific moment. But that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible program for EVERYONE. It’s just not what some people needed when they signed up.

Deciding whether a program is the right solution or tool for you can be tricky, though. How can you tell, if you’ve never seen or tried the content at all? This is why after my second year of B-School I recorded a video to share what kind of people I found there.

Since I recorded it, it’s been already a few more B-School rounds. I’ve met more B-Schoolers, I’ve heard their opinions, I’ve followed their progress. So I would probably record this video in a different way, now.

However, since my goal in this series of B-School by Marie Forleo reviews is to stay authentic, I’ve decided that rather than creating a new video, I’d leave the original one as it was, and then I’d add my updated comments below. So make sure you keep reading after the video is over!

Aside from being a bit ashamed at the design and composition of the video I created a few years ago (now I’d definitely be producing something more good-looking), I must say that I still agree with the main idea that I wanted to convey: Marie Forleo Bschool works for all kind of businesses, as long as they want to use their website as a key tool to get clients.

While it’s mostly designed for people selling digital infoproducts, people offering services (like my guided tours, for instance!) and brik&mortar businesses can totally benefit from the experience. Actually, now every module comes with a special document with real examples of other non-infoproduct B-Schoolers and how they’ve applied the teachings of that week to get results. Marie Forleo is very aware that there are more and more students coming from non-digital fields and she’s decidedly committed to making her content useful for us too.

What I’d add to the video, is some considerations about the level of the materials. When I took B-School, I was already successful as a guide, but my online properties (website, social media, newsletters) were really at a beginner level. I had no techy skills, I had zero marketing knowledge, no idea what “conversion” meant, and had no clue where to find the right resources to get started.

If that’s your case, too, and specially if you are a go-getter, then I’m pretty positive B-School can be a huge turning point for you. Don’t pay too much attention to what the negative Marie Forleo reviews say: sure you could find a lot of the materials online for free, but… how much time would you spend chasing it? And getting it organized? And to separate the separate the wheat from the chaff? Marie has done all this for you and presents it in a perfect way for people to learn from: video slides (do you really need to see Marie’s face to learn? I’d rather have the key sentences arranged in a slide – much more actionable >> and that’s to answer some other negative reviews…). B-School is a time saver that boosts beginner online business levels to the infinite (provided you are ready to work for it!)

So what if you are more advanced? Should you just forget about B-School, then?

I’ve spoken to many B-Schoolers in my area and/or field, and while some were already familiar with most or part of the content, they were still happy they joined B-School BECAUSE they had a clear idea of what they had taken out of it.

Some made wonderful connections with other B-Schoolers (that they would never had met outside B-School otherwise): they became clients, or providers, or collaborators… It’s hard to measure the value of such connections, but if networking is one of your goals Marie Forleo B-School gives you access to an invaluable community to network with.

Some other needed to revamp their websites and systems, and B-School was a great way to remind them of everything they still needed to do and keep track of it. They were able to decide what were their priorities and what weren’t, and focused on the parts of the program that offered them most opportunities, implemented the changes they needed, and valued the results they got after that.

Some took B-School as an opportunity to study how Marie Forleo works. One of my B-School friends is in Marketing, and she was already quite advanced and the content didn’t really teach her much, BUT she really scanned how Marie was communicating with prospects and students, how she structured her content, how her copy and design worked… And of course, she then implemented in her business the ideas she learned from studying how Marie works. That’s definitely much more work than just viewing videos and filling up exercises but… hey! aren’t advanced students supposed to be more self-sufficient and resourceful?

This is just some examples of how I’ve seen different students taking out different benefits from Marie Forleo’s B-School. Now answer for me the following 3 questions:

  • What are my expectations from the program?
  • How does B-School match my goals?
  • Is it worth the cost of the program?

If your answer to the last question is YES, then go ahead and sign up. If you aren’t sure yet, stay tuned for my next video reviews!



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