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B-School community

Is it that great?

My name is Marta, and I took Marie Forleo B-School in 2012 and thanks to it, my business was totally transformed and it has rocketed since them.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here you’ll get access to my other B-School reviews,where I explain in detail how my evolution has been since I took the course for the first time, who is really B-School for and more.

But today, I want to talk about the B-School community. If you’ve been doing some research about B-School, I’m sure you must have seen the community mentioned a few times. And you are probably wondering what is it about. After all, that’s an online course, isn’t it? How could there possibly be a community?

After my first year in B-School, I recorded a series of videos about the things that stood out the most about my B-School experience. Although now I’d be able to record them again in a much better and professional way, I’ve decided to keep using them as they are, so you can see by yourself the contrast between what I was and what I am now.

So here is what I recorded then (after the video, make sure to keep reading to discover what is my perspective from today’s point of view):

So how much has it changed since I first took B-School?


Comments keep being a great way to share knowledge and insights, and I strongly recommend you save some time every week to go through them at least once. You never know what invaluable tip or connection you might get from them!

However, I understand that every year there are more and more people participating, and keeping up with all the comments can be an impossible task. Don’t take it as an obligation nor try to be too implicated with them (unless you are very used to working with huge lists of comments), or you will soon be overwhelmed. Consider them a tool that needs to be used wisely.

2. Twitter

As far as I know, the official B-School lists are gone. However, it is possible that there are closed B-School lists created by alumni that can be accessed after joining B-School when you make the right contacts.

3. Facebook

B-School groups are still the big thing. I recommend you check the full list in the B-School Babes group and only join the ones that directly apply to you (by interest, location, business specialty…). To me, my local Facebook group was the one that opened more doors and gave me the best connections. So if there is a B-School facebook group for your area, make sure to join it and participate. And if there is no local group, create it and invite people from your area (you can find them in the Members list of the private B-School website for students and alumni).

As for the large B-School Babes group, I must agree with other comments you’ll find on the web complaining about it being way too big. Posts quickly disappear buried under tones of other posts… So it’s virtually impossible to quick up with it (switch off notifications!), but it can be something great to check regularly to discover interesting people you’d like to connect with or projects you’d like to join.

It is also true that too many people have been exclusively using it to self-promote their businesses, and while that can totally help your business if you do the same, that is kind of annoying for many people. The good news is that Marie Forleo is aware of the problem and she’s working hard to find out how to manage the group and avoid self-promotion. Can’t wait to see how things will change this year.

4. Accountability

I must say that I’ve always been quite independent and self-sufficient, and my time is very limited. I never managed to get a one-on-one accountability partner, but I know many people who have created very valuable relationships with other B-Schoolers thanks to accountability partnering.

B-School doesn’t have a system organized to help you finding the right person for you, that’s why checking regularly comments or Facebook are such a great tool to connect with people and find your ideal accountability partner.

5. Mastermind Meetings

Definitely one of my favorite community options! It’s been so interesting to see how every year different mastermind groups will spontaneously be created in my city, Barcelona, and often get dissolved at the end of the year, to be substituted by new ones when B-School started again.

I’ve loved all my Barcelona B-School mastermind groups, I’ve learned at lot from my peers and they’ve been there to support me in my business projects as well as in my life. We’ve even got to travel together a couple of times!

The best part is that we all speak the same language: how many of your friends will even understand what you mean when you talk to them about list building and content marketing? Well, your B-School mastermind will totally get you. And it’s such a pleasure to have someone to share your business ideas and projects with!

By the way, my local B-School Facebook group was the tool to get to meet them.


The community is there for you. It has some downsides (like the excess of self-promoting), but the advantages are way worthwhile. As in everything in B-School, you need to take steps to create your own community and take the most out of them. So my recommendation is avoid what doesn’t feel good, and focus on creating fulfilling relationships. It can be done. I’ve done it. Just stay positive and know exactly what you are looking for.

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