MARTA’S TESTIMONIAL: What Marie Forleo B-School did for me

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MARTA’S TESTIMONIAL: What Marie Forleo B-School did for me


My name is Marta, I’m the owner of (a top company of private tour guides in Barcelona) and I took Marie Forleo B-School on 2012 for the first time.

When I took the program, I was a free-lancer with a very unprofessional website and while I was making enough money to make ends meet every month, I felt there was much more that could be done. I just didn’t know what it was or where to start (let alone, where to find the right information).

Marie Forleo B-School was a huge turning point for me: I got honest feedback from my Barcelona B-School peers, I got clear directions on what needed to be done, and a whole new world opened in front of me. Since then, my business hasn’t stopped growing (exponentially!) and my professional reputation has rocketed as well (not just from a clients perspective, but I’ve also become a recognized leader amongst my tour guide colleagues). And all that feels great!

In my second year I recorded a series of video reviews about my B-School experience. Last year I didn’t really think about them much, but this year, after reviewing them again my first reaction was:

Oh no, they are so outdated! And they don’t look great at all, either! I need to shoot them again!

But then, I noticed that one of the biggest complains I found in negative reviews about B-School out there on the web is that there is people who for some reason didn’t get results with the program, refuse to accept that some other are actually growing much more than they ever expected (and hey, not just out of being B-School affiliates!).

So I thought it’d be a great idea to keep using my old videos again, and then explain how’s been my progress since I recorded them. Kind of like a case study.

So here is my first video review:

How have things changed for me in these last years?

First of all, let me make clear that before I took Marie Forleo B-School I had no idea about marketing or how to run an online business. I absorbed all the documentation and had a long list of things to implement that I’m still working on nowadays. It gave me tools to improve my old website and it pointed me on the right direction to keep learning more from other experts after B-School was over (but I haven’t found anyone yet that provides such well organized and digested information yet).

I really want you to get a clear view of my progress, as it’s important to understand that Marie Forleo B-School is not magic, but steady work and implementation gives you awesome results over time. So here are my numbers (as for January of each year, approx.):

[table color=”red”]

ASPECT BEFORE BSCHOOL 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015
INCOME SOURCES: Private tours Private tours, affiliate links Private tours, affiliate links Private tours, affiliate links, and soon e-books
WEBSITE: One, made with Microsoft word, hosted by a friend on his own server Two (Main in English, Secondary Multilingual), WordPress free theme, cheap server Two (Main in English, Secondary Multilingual), WordPress premium themes, cheap server Two (Main in English, Secondary Multilingual, WordPress premium theme, premium server
TEAM: Me, with occasional friends Me, 4 guides, 1 VA Me, 8 guides, 3 VAs Me, 9 guides, 3 VAs
LIST (Newsletters): 0 107 508 904
# INVOICES (approx): 160/year 325/year 525/year 550/year
REVENUE: 2-figures 2-figures (but almost twice as much) 3-figures 3-figures (almost doubled!)
REVIEWS (total): 25+ 100+ 200+ 300+


After doing all these work of collecting data, I’m actually even prouder of myself! And I acknowledge that if it hadn’t been for Marie Forleo B-school I wouldn’t be where I am today:

I love giving work to my wonderful team, and I love being a cool boss for them. I love having more time to do other things aside from working (although not yet where I want to be on terms of free time). I adore it every time another amazing review arrives to my inbox. I have lots of fun adding new improvements to my website, newsletters and social media (but I’m aware there’ll always be new things to learn and implement – but now I know how to stay updated!). And of course, it’s great to earn my moneys to spend in improving my life and help others as well.

I’m not a marketer, I’m not techy: I’m just a tourguide, but I’m an avid learner and a hard worker. B-school changed my way of approaching my biz forever, and I’m really grateful for it.


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