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Chocolate Shops Barcelona Spain

Barcelonans love chocolate! And despite we are not as famous for our chocolates as Belgium or Switzerland, in our city you’ll find some amazing chocolate stores.

Many international brands such as Leonidas, Godiva or Lindt have chocolate shops in the city, and many well-known cake shops also offer their own lines of chocolates. Not to speak about the many chocolate shops and cafés specializing in hot chocolate!

Chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, that stimulate a sense of well-being and happiness. And isn’t traveling and vacations all about feeling good? That’s why when I travel I always try to visit the best chocolate shops of the cities where I go. That’s why today I to share with you our special selection of Barcelona chocolate specialty shops.

These are our favorite chocolate shops in Barcelona:

Cacao Sampaka

This chocolate shop with its own cafeteria will delight all your family. It is located just one block from Passeig de Gràcia and very close to Casa Batlló, what makes it very convenient as a fun stop during your daily sightseeing. In their search for excellence, they have decided to supervise the whole process of their chocolate making: from selecting the cocoa beans to the final presentation. The result is high quality chocolates and a beatiful offer of bonbons and bars that combine cocoa from different countries and various percentages with flowers, fruit, nuts and species. In its cafeteria you will be able to taste chocolate bars, bonbons, hot chocolates, chocolate ice cream and more, and during lunch they also offer light daily menus consistent of salad, a sandwich and dessert. Totally worth a visit.


The owners of this cute store beside la Rambla say they own a “chocolate kitchen”. In this eye-catching Barcelona chocolate shop you will find surprising and smart ways of cooking and presenting chocolate: chocolate chips, chökanias (caramelised almonds covered in chocolate and cocoa powder), macarons, cupcakes as well as “churros”. But don’t leave without trying their star product, the chök: a gourmet doughnut cooked according to their own recipe (less sugar, less fat and less frying time) and covered with a variety of delicious chocolate toppings. A tasty pleasure apt for healthy food lovers! It’s possible to eat in, but being so small, I’d rather buy to take away and enjoy it while exploring the Old Town.


Chocolate Barcelona: Favorite shops

In the heart of the Gràcia district you’ll find the project of Master Baker Albert Badia Roca. He belongs to a group of bakers proud of their profession and has become a reference of innovation and creativity in his field. The shop presents an array of individual chocolate cakes and dessert presentations, a yummy collection of bonbons and some selected bakeries. The best of them is definitely the chocolate croissant, which won the price to the Best Chocolate Croissant in Spain in 2009 and that of course you can try in this shop. If you enjoy preparing your own cakes and chocolates, a section of the shop is dedicated to ingredients and devices for both professionals and amateurs. And in the summer time, they prepare possibly the largest selection of chocolate gelato in Barcelona: I can never make up my mind between the Chocolate – Raspberry and the Chocolate – Clementine.

Casa Ametller (by Simon Coll)

Would you like some traditional chocolate combined with art and history? In the famous Block of Disagreement, right next to Gaudi’s Casa Batlló stands Casa Amatller, a modernist building built by Puig i Cadafalch. In the early 1900’s the Amatller family owned the Amatller chocolate brand, that was eventually sold to another local family of chocolate makers: Simon Coll, chocolate makers since 1840 that continue nowadays to produce top quality chocolates in their chocolate factory in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, the capital of the Penedes Wine Country (by the way, did you know we can take you there in our Wine & Chocolate Tour?). The Casa Amatller building is now open to the public for visits, and the street level now houses a brand new chocolate shop where you can buy Amatller chocolates (hot tip: they usually have free samples to taste), as well as a cafeteria where you can have a snack, a light meal, a piece of cake or an energizing hot chocolate – our favorite tables are located in the old kitchen of the house. The perfect break during  your sightseeing!

Bombons Blasi

Five generations of the same family have been elaborating cocoa products in Barcelona, and they have recently started introducing other gourmet products such as ice cream. However, their specialty are bonbons: locals die for their super popular Venetian Bonbon (spectacular mascarpone and red berries marmalade coated in bitter chocolate and sprinkled with raspberry – yum!), the Músico (made with nuts and dried fruit) and the Aromas del Montseny (stuffed with liquor). Their original store is still open nowadays in Alfons XII street – a good opportunity to explore the plazas and lively shops of the Gracia district after buying your chocolates. They also have two shops in the Old Town (Brosolí and Cardenal Casañas streets) and one in the Eixample (215, Córsega)

AND BONUS! What is the fanciest Barcelona chocolate shop?

6Oriol Balaguer Barcelona Chocolate ShopOriol Balaguer

The well-known and very admired baker and cake maker Oriol Balaguer has been awarded many important awards including the Best Butter Croissant in Spain 2014, Best Spanish Baker and Cake Maker 2008, Best Dessert of the World 2001. Impressive, uh? He loves to innovate with the aim of creating excellent products to surprise everyone. In his chocolate boutiques (a bakery in Sarrià, a chocolate sotre and café in Born and their flagship store in the classy Turo Park area) you’ll find homemade bonbons, desserts, presents for foodies and chocolate lovers and unique proposals made combining traditional methods with contemporary technology. Talking about technology, one of their latest creations is actually called “HighTeChocolate” and is a box of chocolates inspired in the technologies that are applied in chocolate making.

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: What is your favorite Barcelona chocolate shop?





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