Delightful, engaging and fond of the city hidden gems.

Montse introduces herself

Native from the seaside area north of Barcelona, I have a long experience in the tourism and guiding field.

I worked for many years for a travel agency organizing group tours and also taking groups on trips around the world. I had passed my guiding license exams for Barcelona, but I never really gave tours in the city until the agency where I worked closed, and then I took the leap.

I worked again for a few years giving multilingual step-in tours for large groups, until I decided to specialize in private tours where I can give a more personal touch to my tours. And people says I’m great at that!

What we love about her

Montse is a wonderful tour guide, and a pleasure to be with. When the tour is over, you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend in Barcelona.

She’s beyond knowledgeable: she’ll answer every question you have, while sharing behind-the-scenes information about the sites you are visiting.

Montse is great a customizing the itinerary to match your interests: she’s personable and flexible, a delightful lady that will give you a memorable tour!













Montse & her guests

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She speaks fluent English and French.


  • Licensed guide
  • Tourism degree
  • Member of the AGUICAT tour guide association

What customers say

This is why everyone raves about Montse:

Stepho90 (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Montse was our wonderful guide for all 3 days, and she was perfect — very informative, educational, and always pointing out recommendations for the rest of our stay, including restaurants, bars, and shops. She adjusted the tours to go at our pace, and the ability to skip the lines of the top attractions alone was worth the price!

Jeff B. (Florida, USA)

We feel we made a new friend here in Barcelona.

KenFromCA (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

I read the great reviews about Martha, so I was a little disappointed when she wasn’t available 4 hours to halfday tours of sites in Barcelona. However our guide, Montse, proved to be absolutely worthy of the praise the company has received here. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about the history of every place we visited, she was a very nice person to travel with – which is important, since you are spending your vacation with the guide. I think Montse answered every question we had about every place we visited.


Our guide, Montserrat, was fantastic. Her knowledge of the city, its history, and its important landmarks, was outstanding. Her vibrant personality and flexibility to tailor the tour to our interests, made for a truly enjoyable morning.

Lee R. (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

Provided a richness of history and vivid detail on who Gaudi was and what and how he created.


Our family of five had a really fabulous tour with Montse. We visited all four sites as well as a few extra! Montse was very nice and incredibly informative.


 We wish Montse lived closer for us to visit.

Pratt944 (Los Angeles, California, USA)

With limited time, Montse successfully indoctrinated 2 seniors and 2 teenage boys with a few highlights of the city on the first trip to Barcelona. She easily answered detailed questions posed by the seniors, and just as deftly answered the boys questions in a way that led them to further explanation. Montse is marvelous!


 There wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer.

SSakaPebbles (Aviano, Italy)

Montse have a great personality and answered all of our questions. She told us many interesting facts and showed us so many things we would have walked past.

Jmleidner (New York City, NY, USA)

My family and I had a wonderful private Gaudi tour with Montse. She was so friendly and very knowledgeable. our 3 teenager enjoyed it as well and that says something!

Laura K (North Vancouver, Canada)

Montse was very knowledgeable, very engaging, was very flexible and willing to go of the regular pass to explore our interests. Overall a great experience.

Robert F (Atlanta, USA)

Montse was our guide for two days last week, and she was terrific! We were a group of grandparents, parents and kids (including 2 kinds only 4 YO), and she found things of interest to all of us.
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