Montserrat hiking: around Sant JoanOne of the top daytrips around Barcelona is going to the Mountain and Monastery of Montserrat.

Most tourists stay around the Monastery area, but visiting the basilica is not the only reason to go! The mountain itself is worth enough the trip. If you are into hiking, don’t miss our favorite ideas for hiking Montserrat.

This are our favorite Montserrat hiking paths:

Let’s start easy…

Despite its impressive steep rocks, hiking Montserrat doesn’t have to be hard: Get away from the tourist groups and enjoy the silence and peace of the mountain. The Via Crucis path takes only 20min and it’s an easy walk that takes you a bit into the forest and away from the busy crowds of buildings. Some stairs and some light uphill walking is involved.

Great views

Montserrat hiking trails: view of the peaks

Stroll to the Cross of St. Miquel to see amazing views of the monastery. The path is mostly shady, and it has up and downs (30-45min). If you continue walking up after that, the trail will take you to the upper station of the Sant Joan Funicular, connecting with one of the top hiking trails in the mountain range: the path to Sant Jeroni (see below).


Take the Funicular to Sant Joan and walk down enjoying the views and the nature (45min-1h). The path is wide and more or less regular, but eventually it gets quite steep: make sure the youngest don’t run in these sections or they risk rolling down!

Warming up…

The Funicular of Santa Cova saves you the first 15min walk down hill, and after that it’s another 15min walk to the Chapel of the Holy Cave, where the Black Madonna of Montserrat was supposedly found. On the way, you will pass a Path of the Cross where Gaudí collaborated designing one of the last stages when he was young. The walk back is quite uphill and it involves stairs.

Hiking Montserrat: Sant JeroniFor trained people only

If your family is into walking and a long hike doesn’t scare you, don’t miss climbing to the peak of St. Jeroni, the highest point of Montserrat and a classic amongst all the Montserrat hiking trails. It takes three hours of walk and stairs uphill to the to the highest point of Montserrat, and after enjoying the views you still need to get back! But an hour of that hike can be saved by taking the funicular to Sant Joan and starting the walk from there.

AND BONUS! Do you need something a more energy demanding Montserrat hiking?

6   Camí de l’Aigua

Called the “Water path” because it follows the path where water comes down when it rains, this is a trail starting at the station of the Aeri cablecar and the Barcelona to Montserrat train. Quite steep, most of it are steps carved in the mountain stone. After an hour and a half of heavy walk uphill, nothing is more rewarding than reaching the monastery area and looking down to see where you started.

Make sure to wear good walking shoes next time you visit Montserrat!

What about you? Have you ever been hiking Montserrat?


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