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Barcelona for kids: Port Cablecar

More Things To Do For Families In Barcelona


Barcelona is such a kid-friendly city, and in our blog you have plenty of ideas for your family trip: activities with animalscool things to do and much more. But planning a trip with children isn’t easy, and you want them to pick activities they are sure to enjoy and mix them in with the usual sightseeing.

So we hear you! You need even more ideas for things to do together that the whole family can enjoy. Fun and easy but also authentic things that will make great memories of your trip. 

And of course, that even adults enjoy doing. Never fear: we have done the research for you and here are 5+1 extra tips that I’m sure will delight your little ones. Let us know how it went if you try any of them!

These are the coolest things to do with children in Barcelona:


Mosaic workshop

You are planning to take the kids visiting the Gaudi sites, and you’ve heard the architect used mosaic all over the place: the bench and the dragon fountain of Park Guell, the façade of Casa Batllo, the amazing chimneys in the rooftop of La Pedrera

Is there a better way to get your kids engaged during the visit than having taken a mosaic workshop before, so they can connect in a more personal way with the sites where they’ll see other mosaics? In this place they organize mosaic workshops for adults and families where you learn the technique and practice doing your own piece, that you can take home afterwards. There’s no better souvenir from Barcelona than your own creation!


Galeria de les Il·lusions

Do your kids love taking pictures? Pictures taken by kids are usually unique and quirky, but the ones they’ll take at this Gallery of Illusions will take them to the next level! It’s the first place in Europe entirely dedicated to optical illusions.

The rooms of this weird museum (if it can be called a museum) have replicas of famous paintings, Catalan landscapes, international celebrities and other fantastic settings with which you can interact to create your own scene, and take loads of crazy pictures. The limit is only in your imagination! A great plan for a light and fun afternoon… And who knows if you’ll take here the perfect picture for this year Christmas card! (Killing two birds with a stone – that’s the kind of plan I like)


Christopher Columbus vantage point

Another great place to take pictures, but this time more “serious” ones: the city views from the top of the Christopher Columbus statue located at the end of La Rambla. From almost 200 feet (60 meters) of high you get a fantastic panorama over the Port Vell marina, the Old Town and the Hills of Montjuic and Tibidabo. 

Besides taking pictures, kids usually love to identify the sites where they have already been to, and you can point them the other places that you’ll be visiting later. And make sure to let them climb the lion sculptures at the foot of the statue when you come down from the elevator! Bonus points if after that you take them on a golondrinas sail around the port.


Cable cars

What kid doesn’t like the excitement of taking a cable car and feeling the sensation of flying over a city? In Barcelona we are blessed to have two of them: the Aeri del Port connects the Barceloneta beaches with the Hill of Montjuic and it’s an old-fashioned gondola with views over the port, the old town and the beaches.

It’s kind of slow and the lines in high season can be discouraging (plus tickets can’t be booked in advance). And just 10 minutes walk from the Montjuic stop of the Aeri you’ll find the Montjuic Cable car that takes you to the Montjuic Castle.

This one is a more modern facility similar to the cable cars you’ll find in ski resorts, faster, more comfortable (you are seating rather than standing, and each fits only 6 people so you don’t feel cramped in it) and with truly breathtaking views over the whole city. And tickets can be bought here to avoid the lines.


Montjuic Castle

You’ve guessed it right! After taking the cablecar, the next thing in our Barcelona kids activities list is visiting the Montjuic Castle. Castles always exert a special fascination over children, specially when there are canons they can touch or even climb to! 

Plus some of the canons are located outside of the castle, so you don’t even need to pay money to make your kids happy! But if you chose to pay to go in you’ll be able to explore the different military areas and enjoy some really spectacular views over the city and the industrial port. And… there are public toilets inside (I know: good to know! I’m a mom, too)

AND BONUS! What about treats? Here are a few great foodie ideas for families in Barcelona:


Chocolate, cakes, gelato and candy

How fun can it be seeing how candy is made? At the Pappabuble store in Carrer Ample they make their own candy in a counter of the shop (arrive around noon: that’s usually the best hour as they are likely to be entering the last part of the process that is the most fun… and they’ll give you free samples!). 

Not too far you have the best gelato in Barcelona: Gelati di Marco (and here some more gelato places we love). Kids are always fascinated by the fun cakes at Escribà in Gran Via and Pudding. As for chocolate, go for some hot chocolate and churros, visit the chocolate museum or take them on a wine and chocolate tour with us (they won’t be allowed to taste the wine, though: that’s the adults treat of the day!).

What other fun things to do with children in Barcelona have you heard about?


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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