If you follow me in Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you might be already aware that this weekend I was invited to participate in the first World Fast Feast Awards in London, organized by FoodieHub (a popular food & restaurant cellphone app and website, formerly Chowzter), and sponsored by CocaCola.

I was honored to be selected as the food blogger representative for Barcelona,

to join an amazing group of other influential bloggers from all over the world. Each of us is in charge of curating our own very personal recommendations of the best street food and local eateries in our cities (you can see my top 7 choices here, or download the Chowzter app to discover my full list). And the winners of the awards were selected out of our lists.

My husband and I arrived to London two days before the event and spent Friday on our own, but on Saturday we joined the rest of the bloggers for the pre-awards foodie activities that had been organized for us. Lots of eating and drinking, of course!

Let me share with you my top 5 foodie Chowzter experiences in London:

Borough Market

If La Boqueria is the best marketplace in Spain, London has its own equivalent in the Borough Market. Stalls after stalls of amazing food, eye-catching displays and mouth-watering displays… More gourmet-oriented than a farmers market. And of course, with lots of international food option (after all, this is London!). I could have spent the whole day there!


Our visit to the market included also a few tastings, and my favorite by far was at this cheese stall where they make probably some of the best melted cheese sandwiches in the world. Maybe it’s the green onion that makes them so good. So simple, so great!

Story Pizza Deli

We were also taken to this organic pizza makers new venue near Brick Lane, and were able to try their specialties. We of course had their fantastic Margherita (that by the way the next day got the Fast Feast Award to the best pizza in the World!), but I specially like their roasted veggies one.

Northern Hotel Bar

In the evening we were taken to this recently opened hotel right next to Kings Cross. What used to be one of the most run down areas in London is now becoming the latest place to be, and this hotel is a good example of that. We had some awesome cocktails in their chic bar with glass chandeliers and cozy atmosphere, and we were also treated with some pantagruelic meat sandwiches from their soon-to-be-inaugurated Kiosk.

Ambriento Tacos

The Chowzter’s guys wouldn’t let us be hungry while we waited for the Fast Feast Awards to start. Outside of the Village Underground they had invited some of the best street food trucks in London. It’s hard to choose my favorite from all of them, but since tacos aren’t very common in Barcelona, I’ll go ahead and recommend Ambriento. Their fish taco was great, but their Melanzano (eggplant) one sold out!

I want to thank Jeffrey, Justin, Sam and the rest of the FoodieHub team for the great weekend they organized. Many thanks also to the staff of the South Place Hotel where we stayed, who went the extra mile to make us feel at home. Big hugs to all my fellow FoodieHub food bloggers: we’ll stay in touch and I hope to see you next year!

And of course, congratulations to all the 2013 Fast Feast Winners!

Now it’s your turn: what’s your favorite street food ever? In Barcelona or somewhere else, share it with us on a comment below!



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