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Marta Laurent Veciana

By Marta Laurent Veciana
Passionate Tour Guide & Founder of ForeverBarcelona


Hi, it’s Marta, from ForeverBarcelona, and today I want to announce that I’m changing my newsletters style and frequency so I can be even more of help and share my knowledge and ideas with you while you are planning your Barcelona trip (or if you are just in love with our city and want to keep learning about it and how to enjoy it even more the next time you come!).

This newsletter will be now getting to your inbox once a week with 5 fresh tips, valuable recommendations or interesting advice. That’s why now my newsletters will be called BCN Top-5.

You will also be seeing some design changes in the future, but for now I’ll be focusing in what really matters for you: content!

I hope you’ll really enjoy them and that I’ll help you taking the most out of your Barcelona trip.
Best regards,


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