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Clara Tour guide

Our Tour Guide Clara Behind The Scenes


Clara has been working with ForeverBarcelona since 2013 and her guests are always uber happy with her tours. But would you believe she never envisioned being a tour guide? But she studied Journalism and Communication, and she was looking for a job that she combine with her journalist gigs. One day, her sister Marga, already an awesome tour guide, suggested her she could also give tours when she came back from a stay in Germany.

Clara soon realized that guiding and writing articles have many common points because with both professions you talk about your environment and what’s happened or is happening there. Plus she’d always been in love with her hometown, Barcelona, and adored art and history, so… why not? And that’s how she was soon another amazing tour guide in our team.

Here are our juiciest questions for Clara:


What’s the question you love answering?

When touring the Gothic Quarter, I love to enter the patio of the Palau del Lloctinent and show my guests the impressive metal door by the sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs. And every time we stop there, there’s a question that quickly pops up: “What’s that hand doing there?”. 

I tell them that it’s the hand of the artist, and that he decided to add it to his piece. Many people reply that it’s a quite small hand – but it’s really his hand. Once when we were there discussing the door a man approached us: he was one of the artist’s assistants and he confirmed what I was saying. It was so cool!


What is your perfect day outside of Barcelona?

My perfect day would start watching the Mediterranean sea from any village of the Costa Brava, and if it’s not cold enough yet, go for a swim on the waves. Then I’d have a paella at some restaurant overlooking the beach. 

I actually had some clients one day that wanted to visit the Costa Brava, and we spent the day over there, walking along the Camí de Ronda (the old path used by fishermen and smugglers along the Costa Brava cliffs), and we decided to get in the water. It was a very hot day, so when they told me to go bathing with them, I joined in! When we came back to the car, our driver was quite surprised!


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to do on a tour?

Besides swimming in the sea? LOL. Well, once I had a client that was traveling solo and he asked me to help with his laundry. I had no idea of where to go for that, so I had to Google if there was any laundromat near the hotel. But I found one, and we went to a laundry shop and spend a whole hour of our tour just getting his clothes clean. 

It was a strange day, but tour guides, specially on private tours, are often the only real connection with locals that travelers have, and our mission besides giving explanations is also to serve and be welcoming.


What’s your favorite shop?

I love the espadrilles by Toni Pons. There’s several stores in town where you can find them. Plus they are made in l’Estartit, in the Costa Brava (I didn’t know that: I discovered it one day when I was in the area!).

They have very pretty models and I always recommend them to clients looking to buy shoes. Because most people have heard of the famous Manual Alpargatera, but there’s always long lines to be served there, and instead at Toni Pons there aren’t that many crowds.


What’s your favorite food?

Paella! Specially the seafood one, since I don’t eat much meat. My mom makes it all the time, and I find it’s a very special dish. Most visitors want to try it during their trip, and I always recommend them to save a special day for it and choose the right place because not all restaurants make it equally good. And even named restaurants sometimes rely on their fame and eventually stop cooking with as much care as they used to do.

Do you have any more questions for Clara?


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.




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