Packing for Barcelona can be a bit stressful, specially when you haven’t been to that place before. Will you be missing something important? Will you be able to get that easily if you don’t bring it with you and you need it?

Plus you need to consider space: how much can fit in your bags, so it’s not too heavy? We know: we’ve been there too. That’s why we want to share with you a few relevant tips to add to your packing list for travel.Packing for Barcelona? a few tips

5 items that must make your packing list for Barcelona:

Driving license. What? But I’m not planning to drive at all! I know, unless you are planning to go on a road trip or a day out of town, you are not likely to need your driving license for what’s intended: driving. However, in Spain you’ll be required an ID to pay with your credit card and it’s not recommendable to walk around with your passport. Your driving license will be accepted as an acceptable ID, and if you (God forbid) lose it or get it stolen, it’s not as bad as if you were left with no passport in a foreign country.

Visa or Mastercard. Talking about credit cards, make sure you get your visa or mastercard. These are the most accepted cards in Spain. You can cross out your amex from your packing list for Barcelona, though: I know it offers you much better deals, but most shops and restaurants won’t take it here.

Shawl. Great for ladies in the summer, but also during other times of the year. It can become an improvised tablecloth for your picnic in the park, or a towel to lie on during a break on the beach; you can use it to protect yourself from the sun or to cover your shoulders during a chilly evening… And it’ll come handy if you intend to visit the Cathedral and you are wearing a lovely dress with no sleeves or your skirt isn’t long enough.Packing list for Barcelona: what credit cards?

Smartphone. Yes, even if you aren’t planning to use it because we know how expensive international cell rates are. Just make sure you are disconnecting the cellphone network so you don’t receive unexpected calls. But a smartphone can be really handy: you can check your e-mail with the free wifi in your hotel, you can use offline cellphone apps to navigate Barcelona and prepare your touring, it’s your calculator and notebook, and much more. And above all, it’s your second camera when you run out of battery in the middle of your tour!  (Don’t forget to pack your charger, either!)

Hand sanitizer. When you are touring your hands tend to get dirtier than when you are working at your office: you touch old stones, hand-railings… But when it comes most useful is when using the toilet. Touring around you’ll be visiting many public toilets and often there is no soap left… But that’s not all, there might not be much toilet paper either! And for ladies, not being able to sit can be quite inconvenient if we are trying to hold our bag and coat and lift our skirt at the same time. You know what I mean! My tourguide trick: I use hand sanitizer to clean the toilet seat, so it’s safe and comfortable. It’s quite a relief, and it should definitely make your Barcelona packing list.

AND BONUS! What should you leave at home instead?

Barcelona packing list: does and don'tsScratch from your Barcelona packing list: unless you are going to a gala dinner or a wedding, leave your tie at home: Barcelona is a very casual city and even in trendy restaurants ties are not required (click for more ideas on what clothes packing for Barcelona. You can leave your umbrella at home, too: many hotels will lend you one if it starts raining, and you can also buy one to a street vendor for really cheap if necessary.

So what about you? Head to the comments and tell us: what else would you add to your Barcelona packing list?

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