Pharmacies open on Sundays in BarcelonaI hope you won’t need them, but when travelling occasionally it might be necessary to get some drugs, for either a stomach ache,  or a headache, or some skin issue… This is why  today  I am sharing with you where to find pharmacies open on Sundays in Barcelona.


The good news, they are also some of the best English speaking pharmacies in Barcelona, because I have selected for you the most centrally located ones, those that are closest to the famous sites and tourist areas.

Here is our list of English speaking pharmacies open on Sundays in Barcelona:


This pharmacy is very close to Plaça Catalonia, the heart of the city. Open every day without exception, 9AM to 10PM. Apart from all the normal meds, they specialize in homeopathy an alternative medicine.

English speaking pharmacies in BarcelonaCastells

This one is right in front of Gaudi’s la Pedrera/Casa Milà, and it is one of the few 24 hour pharmacies in Barcelona, plus it has its own line of cosmetics that you need to check out!



Located just one block from Casa Batlló, they specialize in diets and health food products. They are open 365 days a year, between 8:30AM and 9:30PM.


24 hour pharmacies in BarcelonaMario Cerra

Around the corner from the Picasso Museum, it might be one of the oldest pharmacies in town, as it was founded in 1598. Opens everyday 09AM to 1:30PM and 4:30PM to 8PM.



Located at the top of La Rambla, this is also an old pharmacy that keeps some of their original decoration. Opens everyday from 9AM to 10PM.


AND BONUS! Need a pharmacy near the Sagrada Familia Church?


One block from the Sagrada Familia Church, here is another of the 24 hour pharmacies in Barcelona. Look for it in the crossing of Provença st. with Lepant st.

Plus if that wasn’t enough, you can check out here the other pharmacies open on Sundays in Barcelona, or the ones open 24 hours, or what pharmacy open today is near you: just enter the address to get a map with the pharmacies that are open in the area.

Have you ever needed a pharmacy when traveling? Share how it went on a comment below!

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