• Any cancellation must be initiated by e-mail contacting us at info@foreverbarcelona.com, and will be also acknowledged by Foreverbarcelona via e-mail. Last minute cancellations can also be notified via our emergency email itsanemergency@foreverbarcelona.com or our whatsapp number +34 695850419. Cancellation notifications by phone will not be accepted, since we might be legally required to provide written prove of the notification having been received. Cancellation notifications sent to our guides personal phones via SMS or Whatsapp won’t be accepted since they have no access to our company systems.
  • Weather conditions: Tours are carried rain or shine. Bad weather is not a valid reason to cancel a tour.
  • Tour Guide changes: No refund will be given if a client decides to cancel a tour due to a guide change.
  • Circumstances beyond our control preventing the guest to attend the tour: Foreverbarcelona is not liable for reduced/cancelled itineraries due to circumstances beyond our control that might prevent the guest to attend the tour, such as flight delays, ships unable to dock for whatever reason, illness and personal or work issues. Therefore, adequate insurance is strongly advised.
  • Special cases: Other major force cancellations might be discussed to reach an agreement. A verification of the reason why the tour was cancelled will be requested. Spanish government alerts and WHO travel restrictions will be taken as guidelines to decide, when applicable.


As for June 20, 2022 we are back to charging full payment in advance to secure a tour, so the Full Flex and Ultimate Flex protections disappear. However, we understand we aren’t back to a normal pre-pandemic situation yet, this is why we’ll continue to apply generous cancellation policies, as follows:

    • Cancellations more than 7 days before the tour date: 75€/tour will be kept as deposit, plus any applicable exclusions detailed below. This deposit is transferable to a future date, without expiration date. It can also be transferred to another traveler of your choice, on request by email. When the client rebooks the tour and uses the €75 deposit, our current tour fees will apply (not the fees of the original booking). We cannot be made responsible for ensuring site tickets or even guide availability when the tour date is pushed to a close date (in high season that can even mean 1 month later or more).
    • Cancellations less than 6 to 3 business days before the tour: We can only process cancellations during business hours. If the cancellation is requested on Friday afternoon (Spanish time), during the weekend or on a local bank holiday (check the Barcelona official holidays here), we will consider it as “received and notified” on the DAY WE ARE BACK TO THE OFFICE – not the date the client sent the email requesting the cancellation.
      • €75/tour will be kept as cancellation fee, plus any applicable exclusions detailed below, for cancellations received and notified more than 3 business days before the tour date.
    • Cancellations within 2 business days or less. No refund will be given for cancellations received and notified less than 2 business days before the tour start – that is no later than 5PM Mon-Thu or 4PM on Fri (Spanish time).
    • No-shows. If the client hasn’t shown up nor made contact with us via the tour guide telephone provided in the booking form within 30 minutes after the booked starting tour time, we’ll consider it a no-show and no refund will be given. Clients booking an airport pick-up tour must contact us ASAP if their airplane is delayed or cancelled (detailed instructions are provided upon booking – failure to contact us to announce a delay will result in no-show declaration).
    • Cancellation of part of the total booked services: When several services have been booked and the client needs to cancel only part of them, the above policies will be applied only to the cancelled services part. If the cancellation takes places less than 2 business days before the service date, within our office hours, no refund will be given.
    • What happens when one or several members of your party have to cancel but the rest still wants to tour? We won’t be able to refund the proportional part to the person or people not attending the tour, as the service will still be up because our fees are per tour, not “per person” or “per couple” tickets.
    • Refunds will be sent back to your credit card (if you paid online) or via Paypal (if you paid via Paypal), unless otherwise agreed with the client. The client will take care of any costs/commissions required for the refund transfer.
    • No refund will apply when service has already been provided, either fully or partially.

EXCLUSIONS. The above stated refundable amounts don’t include: any non-recoverable upfront costs incurred by Foreverbarcelona on your behalf (either broken down in the tour descriptions such as (but not limited to) entrance fees, or other agreed with the client before booking), Fave Guide Upgrade (if booked), refund transfer costs, premium payment plan fees.

  • Tickets are non-refundable (mostly because ticket purchases are final and sites don’t provide refunds). ForeverBarcelona will retain them to use as fit in case of Cancellation. If the client wishes to be sent the tickets, it will be possible to claim them as long as the client pays the cost of our ticket booking services (complimentary for paying clients*, but not for non-clients or clients having cancelled a tour).
  • Fave Guide Upgrade is non-refundable.

*Groups upto 9 people only


Special Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy for chauffeured tours & transfers during the Mobile World Congress

  • Special fees and cancellations apply to all chauffeured services (including airport transfers) during the dates of the MWC and the days around it. ForeverBarcelona will inform the client of the exact dates when these fees and conditions apply when providing a quotation for the requested services.
  • 100% down payment is required to secure our services.
  • Cancellations up to 7 days before the first booked service: 50% will be kept as cancellation fee.
  • No refund is given for cancellations 6 to 0 days before the first booked service (100% is kept as cancellation fee).
  • For services outside these dates, our usual Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy apply.
  • This does not apply to walking or taxi tours where only a guide service is involved.

Cancellations by Foreverbarcelona

  • In the unlikely event that ForeverBarcelona or their tour guides had to cancel a tour due to internal issues, our priority will be to try to agree to another time frame that works for the client. If we couldn’t agree on another time for the tour or we couldn’t provide a substitute, the deposit will be refunded within 10 working days.
  • In the case ForeverBarcelona was forced to cancel a tour due to causes outside of our control (see a reference list below):
        • Full Flex bookings cancelled more than 30 days in advance and/or not having sent their full payment yet: Their €75 deposit will be refunded.
        • Full Flex bookings cancelled less than 30 days in advance having already paid their balance will be automatically upgraded to Ultimate Flex protection and a date change or voucher will be offered.
        • Bookings already in possession of Ultimate Flex protection will be automatically given 2 additional years to change their tour date (making it 60 months instead of 36), and will be waved of paying for year or season tour price differences if their new tour date is booked within the original 36 months of their Ultimate Flex protection.
      Causes outside of our control may include (but are not limited to) the following:
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