City passes are a great way to make the most out of your money if you are spending a few days in Barcelona and wish to do lots of things. They get you discounts for sites and attraction, shows, transportation, dining and more. Check them out:


Spending several days in town and planning to do a lot? Attractions, restaurants, museums… Then a city pass could offer you lots of great deals, if you choose the right one for your plans. Need help figuring out which one to choose? This post in our blog about the top city passes in Barcelona will be useful.


The Mountain of Montserrat is one the most visited site outside of Barcelona: a spectacular rocky mountain, with a monastery where the Black Madonna is worshiped. The most time-efficient way to visit it is going on a tour. But you can also ride a train there (in which case you should plan for a whole day out of town, not just a morning, as it takes longer). If that’s your choice, getting a Montserrat pass is a great option to consider, as you’ll get transportation discount but also special deals for the mountain attractions.