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My name is Silvia, I was born in Barcelona and I’m a Virtual Assistant.

In 1987 I started studying Tourism, and after finishing college I took several courses in France and United Kingdom to improve my language skills. I have worked in the hospitality sector for 17 years, completing administration, event organization, front office management and community management tasks.

In 2012, out of my passion for organizing and helping others with their work, I started my project, a service to provide administrative support and help with the tasks freelancers and small companies can’t do because of a lack of time.

That year I met Marta and started helping her organizing tours, making reservations and taking care of other tasks such as managing invoices, organizing some social media posts and working with tools such as Mailchimp, Dropbox and Tripadvisor.

I like working with ForeverBarcelona because of their professionalism and efficiency, the charisma of Marta, and because I’m proud to help sharing my beautiful city, Barcelona, with our guests.

with us since 2012


She speaks English and French


Tourism degree

Marta says...

In 2012 I had reached a ceiling. I had lots of tours and tour requests, but there weren’t enough hours in a day to take care of everything I needed to do if I wanted to run my company at the level I envisioned. I couldn’t keep going to bed past midgnight for much longer before burning out. And while I was scared to start delegating tasks for the first time in my professional career (and pay for that regularly), I had no other option.

I browsed some virtual assistant online listings and was contacted by several professionals, but none of them sounded like the right person. And then one day I received an email from Silvia: she had seen my job offer and she was perfect for it! Not only she was skilled and eager to learn and help, but she was also based in Barcelona knew the city well, and had experience in the tourism field. Yey!

We met in my favorite chocolate café, and agreed on the first tasks I’d handle her. And since then I’ve little by little her entrusted more duties. Meeting her has been a turning point for the growth of ForeverBarcelona, and while you might not notice her much when you book a tour, be sure that part of the success of your visit is definitely due to her.

She now takes care of the online bookings, keeps our accounting books and makes restaurant reservations, among other admin tasks.

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