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Antoni Gaudi is the architect who shaped what Barcelona is. His masterpieces make any list of the city must-sees, making any other site lose its shine. In this tag you’ll find all our blog posts about the architect and his work: Park Guell, Casa Batlló, Casa Mila (or so called Pedrera), the famous Sagrada Familia Basilica as well as many of his early works and hidden gems located outside of the city. We’ll also tell you about his life and have time to discuss Dan Brown’s Origine book where the Gaudi buildings led a special role as unique settings for the action.

Best books on Gaudi

Best Books On Gaudi Architecture

PREPARE FOR YOUR TRIP TO BARCELONA WITH THESE BOOKS ABOUT GAUDI Easter is just over, and that’s about the time people will start dreaming about their next holidays. Starting to plan early means securing better travel deals. And also more time to prepare, so you can take the most ouf of your stay. And if …

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Hector Guimard or Antoni Gaudi?

Antoni Gaudi VS Hector Guimard

Masters of the Art Nouveau Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that bloomed in Europe from the end of the 1800’s to the first quarter of the 1900’s. Generally known as Art Nouveau because it started in Paris, France, it received other names depending on the location. In Barcelona, Spain, it was called Modernisme (Modernism). …

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Discover the Gaudi sites beyond Barcelona

Gaudi Buildings Outside Barcelona

ANTONI GAUDI WORKS BEYOND BARCELONA Everyone comes to Barcelona to see the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. But what many ignore is that he also worked outside of the city, leaving some unique projects around Barcelona that remain hidden gems for most travelers. From unfinished churches, to mountain gardens, from industrial facilities to private homes for the …

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Barcelona sites from the book Origin by Dan Brown

The Dan Brown Barcelona In Origin (With Spoilers)

DAN BROWN ORIGIN LOCATIONS: BARCELONA SITES, ELEMENTS AND LANDSCAPES Next Monday it’s the International Day of Books – St. Jordi, a huge celebration in Catalonia. So what better than discussing books today? And did you know Origin by Dan Brown takes place in Barcelona? Or should I say for the most part, as it also takes you …

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Top churches Barcelona Spain

Best Churches In Barcelona To Visit

A LIST OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BARCELONA CHURCHES Churches are a very important part of the European history and architecture. Not only they were remarkable buildings and symbols of the religious power, but they were also a meeting place for the locals, where to celebrate life events. And since most local traditions have a Christian …

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Gaudi early works: Cripta Guell

Little Known Gaudi Works

REALLY? GAUDI HIDDEN GEMS? Everyone knows the Gaudi masterpieces. Sagrada Familia church, Park Guell, Casa Mila (Pedrera) and Casa Batlló… But is that everything he did in town? Not at all! There are a few earlier works that he did before becoming famous, that aren’t as crowded as his top sites and they show you his …

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Casa Batllo history and facts

Casa Batllo Facts And Curiosities

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT CASA BATLLO Antoni Gaudi built three apartment buildings in Barcelona: Casa Calvet, Casa Batllo and Casa Mila (Pedrera). Casa Calvet was built during his youth, it’s not open to the public except for the restaurant in the street level, and it doesn’t look that much like a Gaudi site from the outside yet …

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Pedrera by Gaudi: what to see there

Should You Visit The Casa Mila Interior?

DISCOVER HOW IS LA PEDRERA INSIDE​ La Pedrera, also called Casa Mila is an impressive apartment building in Passeig de Gracia, one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona, built between 1906 and 1912. La Pedrera was the last Antoni Gaudí private project before entirely focusing on the Sagrada Familia church. An innovative building that didn’t respect any …

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Visit Park Guell | ForeverBarcelona

What To See In Park Guell

PARK GUELL MUST-SEE HIGHLIGHTS​ The famous Park Guell is one of the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, an unfinished project where he used his famous “trencadís” broken tile  technique  for the first time and with amazing results. Getting to the Gaudi Park takes time because it is not located in the city center, so knowing what to see in …

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Antoni Gaudi life | ForeverBarcelona

Quick Biography Of Antoni Gaudi

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ANTONI GAUDI TO UNDERSTAND HIS WORKS​ The biography of Antoni Gaudi is full of interesting stories, bright moments and inspirational creations. If he hadn’t been working in Barcelona, the city wouldn’t be what it’s now. His architecture, way beyond his time, attracts people from all over the world and make the city a …

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Visit tips Sagrada Familia

What’s The Sagrada Familia Interior Like?

OUR SAGRADA FAMILIA GUIDE ​ If there is one MUST-SEE place in town, that’s definitely the Sagrada Familia church. Started in 1882 by the architect Francesc de Paula i Villar, Gaudi took over the project a year later and transformed it into his masterpiece, his passion and obsession. It won’t be finished until 2026-30 (approx.), …

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Gaudi Masterpiece List

What Gaudi’s Masterpieces Do You Absolutely Need To See?

TOP GAUDI SITES THAT YOU SHOULDN’T MISS​ Antoni Gaudí is the architect who changed the landscape of Barcelona forever, and his works have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. And despite the many other sites you can visit in Barcelona, one could say that having a Gaudi’s masterpieces tour is the main reason to come to this …

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