Find here all my blog posts regarding questions about the Barcelona El Prat Airport that might be relevant for our visitors and tourists.

Barcelona airport hotels | ForeverBarcelona

5 recommended hotels at Barcelona Airport

Do you need a Barcelona airport hotel? Although I wouldn’t recommend to stay in hotels at Barcelona airport as a base to explore Barcelona, if you have a really early flight sometimes it can be convenient to stay as close as possible to the airport. Specially if that hotel offers transfers. However, let’s make it […]

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Airplane safety

Are you aware of how to stay safe on a plane?

Today we are having a guest post by travel blogger Sindhu. Since many of the Barcelona visitors arrive to Barcelona by air, when she offered to write this post I thought her tips would be valuable. Enjoy it and be safe! Safety Tips for Air Travel Travel by air has become the most common form […]

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El Prat Airport to Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

5 ways to get from the Barcelona el Prat airport to city center

All you need to know about how to get from El Prat airport to Barcelona How do you get from El Prat airport to Barcelona? It was a long flight, you are probably tired and jet-lagged, a bit disoriented after arriving to the Barcelona-El Prat airport for the first time. And now… how do you […]

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