Barcelona pet friendly hotels

Pet friendly hotels in Barcelona

Hotels with pets allowed in Barcelona You love your pet, and can’t imagine leaving your dog or cat at home, with friends or relatives or at a pet hotel while you go on vacation. Why should you? Your pets suffer from stress when you are away, and you want to spare them the pain. Traveling […]

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Deep Sea Fishing Barcelona

Top Fish To Target When Deep Sea Fishing In Barcelona

We occasionally get requests for fishing tours. And while we don't offer them, we can see there is an interest in that. Since we want to serve you best, today we have Patterson Riley, a fishing specialist, that will share with us what are the best fish to catch in the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona. [...]

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Things to do with kids about animals in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Activities about animals for kids in Barcelona

Do your kids love animals? Children love animals and everything related to it, and despite being a big city, in Barcelona there is a variety of activities about animals. Wouldn’t be fantastic to take them to one of those attractions? Hannah is a 6 year-old that toured with me this week and we quickly became […]

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