Basque Country

San Sebastian - view from Mount Igeldo with light on Santa Clara Island

5 must-sees in San Sebastian (Basque country) no visitor should miss

Did you know there is a search box in our website that you can use to easily find content? You’ll find it on the top right corner of the pages. Well, the other day I was reviewing what kind of searches were being done, and I noticed that some people had been trying to find […]

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Basque Country off beaten path | ForeverBarcelona

Getting off-the-beaten-path in the Basque Country

The hidden jewel of Spain Some time ago we had my colleague Aitor sharing with you the best sites in the Basque Country, his homeland. Now he’s back to share with you those unusual things to do that will make you remember your trip to Bilbao and its surroundings forever. 5 unusual things to do […]

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Seen Barcelona? Now it’s time for the Basque Country!

The hidden jewel of Spain I often get asked what else is there to be seen in Spain apart from Barcelona. Certainly, most people go to Madrid to visit its museums, and other love to go to Andalucia for its Muslim heritage and the beaches. But if you ask me, I am totally in love […]

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