Catalan Identity

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Barcelona no fear

No tenim por – We are not scared

No fear I had a post ready to go with a refreshing Gazpacho recipe for today, but in the light of the recent tragic events in Barcelona, I felt I had to do something else. This is in memory of the people who perished in La Rambla and the fishing town of Cambrils after the [...]

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Catalan Human Tower tradition

What are castellers?

Everything you want to know about Catalan human towers The tradition of building human towers in Catalonia has existed for over 200 years: we call it Castellers. Castellers are people who build towers with their bodies and make different constructions called castells (castles). It’s such a deeply  rooted tradition that there are even competitions between […]

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Is that a Catalan flag?

Flags of Spain, Catalonia and other that you’ll see in Barcelona Unless you are very familiar with all the flags of Spain, when you come to Barcelona you are likely to get confused when you see all the difference lacks we have here. Plus many of them are yellow and red flags… How can you […]

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Catalan Restaurant List | ForeverBarcelona

Looking for a Catalan restaurant in Barcelona?

Where to find real Catalan food Catalan food has inherited flavors from a rich variety of landscapes and the cultures that we’ve been in contact with during our history. A taste range of vegetables, meats, fish and seafood, eggs, pasta, rice… with a Mediterranean flavor but a local touch. But how can you tell where […]

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