Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was born in a little town called Figueres, just 1.5 hours drive of Barcelona, and he chose the ruins of the town’s theater to create there his museum. With two more Dali museums in town (not just the Theater Museum in Figueres, but also the Castle Museum of Pubol and the House Museum in Portlligat – Cadaques), Dali is definitely one of our top day trip destinations, and a character worth knowing: he wasn’t just the fool artist you’d expect but a very sensitive, tortured and educated soul, that poured intelligence and creativity in this art. Learn everything about him in this tag.

All the Dali Museums in the World

Salvador Dali Museums In The World

DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SALVADOR DALI MUSEUMS ARE THERE?​ Salvador Dali was born in 1904 in Figueres, just about 2 hours drive from Barcelona, Spain. He had a fearful and obsessive spirit that was also extremely curious and creative. And would turn him into one of the most intriguing artists in Art History. Inspired …

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What Dali Paintings you need to see at the Dali Museum in Figueres?

Top Salvador Dali Paintings In Figueres

THE DALI WORKS YOU SHOULDN’T MISS WHEN VISITING THE THEATER MUSEUM The other day I read an article about the Dali Museum in a magazine aimed at Russian tourists coming to Barcelona. To my surprise, they said there weren’t any Salvador Dali famous paintings there, and it wasn’t too worth it. Whaaaat? After doing some research …

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Cool interesting facts about salvador dali

Most Interesting Facts About Salvador Dali

GREAT SALVADOR DALI FUN FACTS Many facts about Salvador Dali will help you understanding better his works and their symbolism. Some are fun facts, some other are quite interesting, and a few can be even disturbing. They talk about live, love, fear and passions, and knowing about them will open your eyes to a whole new …

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