Gourmet Shopping in Barcelona

In our Gourmet Shopping in Barcelona tag we collect all our blog posts about food specialties any foodie might want to buy when visiting Barcelona. They can also be so helpful if you want to bring presents home, because food makes such a great gift! And why not? There are some ideas to treat yourself as well! From olive oil to wine and spices, from cakes and bakeries to gelatto and quality canned food. And of course, chocolate! Make sure to check out our other food-related tags, or the entire Food category, for a more extensive collection of foodie blog posts.

Barcelona shops for turron

Where To Buy Turron In Barcelona?

A SELECTION OF THE BEST TURRON SHOPS IN BARCELONA Turrons are the most appreciated candy in Christmas time, they are the dessert in any Christmas table: without them Christmas in Spain wouldn’t be the same! Spanish turron is said to be an evolution of an Arabic candy that reached our lands in the Middle Ages, and it …

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Top Cakes Barcelona

Where To Find The Best Barcelona Cakes?

WE TAKE YOU ON A TOUR OF THE BEST CAKE SHOPS IN BARCELONA I love cakes. Actually I love chocolate, cakes and all kinds of sweets. I like visiting cake shops and trying all their innovations, taste new sensations and new textures that surprise me. Luckily in Barcelona we have some awesome cake makers known internationally …

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Chocolate in Barcelona for chocolate lovers

Top Barcelona Chocolate Shops

A QUEST TO FIND THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN BARCELONA Barcelonans love chocolate! And despite we are not as famous for our chocolates as Belgium or Switzerland, in our city you’ll find some amazing chocolate stores. Many international brands such as Leonidas, Godiva or Lindt have chocolate shops in the city, and many well-known cake shops also …

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Olive Oil - Spain | ForeverBarcelona

Top Types Of Olives For Olive Oil

UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SPANISH OLIVE OIL Did you know that Spain is the first world producer of Olive oil? Just in our region, Catalonia, there are 5 of 32 designations of origin of all Spain. It’s not surprising then, that Spanish olive oil is so important in our cuisine and it’s no wonder that …

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Tea Shop Barcelona List | ForeverBarcelona

What’s The Top Barcelona Tea Shop?

ICE TEA, BUBBLE TEA, AFTERNOON TEA IN BARCELONA AND MORE​ Are you a tea lover? Discover where to enjoy it in Barcelona! Tea wasn’t too popular in our area just a few years ago. However, these last years it’s become trendy and lately tea shops and cafés serving good tea have been opening around! Now it’s …

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Best Markets in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Come Exploring The Best Barcelona Markets

OUR FAVORITE BARCELONA MARKETS​ So where can you experience a farmers market in Barcelona? There are plenty of opportunities: pretty much every district features its own food market.  Last July we had a guest post on some of the best Barcelona markets, today I’m giving you a few more to explore because you get to know …

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Barcelona Markets | ForeverBarcelona

Shopping Like A Local: Food Markets!

Visiting a market is often one of the highlights of our Barcelona walking tours: it is the best way to get in touch with the local lifestyle and the traditional products and food. Today I am glad to introduce our guest author Catriona Robertson who is sharing with us what are the best marketplaces in Barcelona. …

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Barcelona gelato

Barcelona Gelato Shops You Can’t Miss

DISCOVER THE BEST ICE CREAM IN BARCELONA​ If you love gelato, Barcelona is the right place for you. Just have a look around: there are so many ice cream places everywhere. How can you know where you will get really good quality gelato instead of industrial so so ice cream? I am also a fan …

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Gourmet Shops in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Best Barcelona Food Stores

FAVORITE BARCELONA FOOD STORES FOR FOODIES​ Food is a passion that we never forget when we are on holidays. And because we know that you don’t either, today we want to share with you our favorite food shops to get your gourmet shopping done. We shared some time ago what were our favorite Barcelona gourmet products, now …

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Spanish gifts for food lovers to buy as souvenirs | ForeverBarcelona

Spanish Food Items That Make Great Gifts

WHAT TO BUY IN BARCELONA AS SOUVENIRS IF YOU ARE A FOOD LOVER?​ Spanish food items make great gifts for foodies. If you don’t want to get anyone the kind of souvenirs that are going to end up gathering dust on a shelf at your friends’ house, we’ve prepared for you a list of Spanish …

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