Gourmet Shopping

Bakery Barcelona

Where is the best bakery in Barcelona?

We help you find the best Barcelona bread When you are traveling, finding good bread is not easy if you don’t know where to go. You eventually end up buying it at some supermarket, or maybe a bakery that doesn’t look so great, tired of looking for the real thing. But in a world where […]

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Barcelona shops for turron

Where to buy turron in Barcelona?

A selection of the best turron shops in town Turrons are the most appreciated candy in Christmas time, they are the dessert in any Christmas table: without them Christmas in Spain wouldn’t be the same! Spanish turron is said to be an evolution of an Arabic candy that reached our lands in the Middle Ages, and it […]

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Top Cakes Barcelona

Where to find the best Barcelona cakes?

We take you on a tour of the best Barcelona cake shops I love cakes. Actually I love chocolate, cakes and all kinds of sweets. I like visiting cake shops and trying all their innovations, taste new sensations and new textures that surprise me. Luckily in Barcelona we have some awesome cake makers known internationally […]

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Chocolate in Barcelona for chocolate lovers

I love chocolate: Barcelona shops

A quest to find the best Barcelona chocolate shop Barcelonans love chocolate! And despite we are not as famous for our chocolates as Belgium or Switzerland, in our city you’ll find some amazing chocolate stores. Many international brands such as Leonidas, Godiva or Lindt have chocolate shops in the city, and many well-known cake shops […]

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Olive Oil - Spain | ForeverBarcelona

How to choose well your Spanish olive oil

Understanding the different types of olive oil Did you know that Spain is the first world producer of Olive oil? Just in our region, Catalonia, there are 5 of 32 designations of origin of all Spain. It’s not surprising then, that Spanish olive oil is so important in our cuisine and it’s no wonder that […]

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