Flamenco in Barcelona

Flamenco isn’t just a dance. It is just only just music. It is a culture and a way to feel life for those who are into it. And while it’s not native to Barcelona and to be honest locals aren’t too interested in it, we happen to have one of the best flamenco scenes in Spain, mostly supported by Andalusian immigrants or their descendants. If Barcelona is your only opportunity to experience Flamenco while in Spain, in this tag you’ll find all our blog posts related to Flamenco: our top recommendations and tips to attend a show, but also tidbits of information about its history and evolution that will make the show more meaningful.

Flamenco facts and history

The Basics Of The History Of Flamenco

5 CRUCIAL POINTS TO UNDERSTAND FLAMENCO DANCE HISTORY Flamenco is a typical style of music and dance of Spain, specially from the regions of Andalucía, Extremadura and Murcia. Some theories calculate it dates from the 1700’s, and it is believed that the Flamenco culture was born out of the constant interaction between natives, Gypsies, Muslims, …

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Whre to see Flamenco in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Authentic Barcelona Flamenco Shows

WHERE TO SEE THE BEST FLAMENCO SHOWS IN BARCELONA​ Most people will tell you that if you are in Spain, you shouldn’t miss a flamenco show. However… Flamenco is not a Catalan tradition, and that’s why many believe that Barcelona is not the place to go for that. FLAMENCO AND TAPAS TOURS IN BARCELONA Well, the truth …

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