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San Sebastian - view from Mount Igeldo with light on Santa Clara Island

5 must-sees in San Sebastian (Basque country) no visitor should miss

Did you know there is a search box in our website that you can use to easily find content? You’ll find it on the top right corner of the pages. Well, the other day I was reviewing what kind of searches were being done, and I noticed that some people had been trying to find […]

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Fun transportation Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Barcelona for families: Fun transportation means

One of the things kids love when traveling is taking unusual means of transportation. And Barcelona has no shortage of them! Today our guest blogger Amber Collins, on behalf of DC Kensington, shares with us the best ones, so you can plan some fan family rides! [border ] Barcelona Fun Transportation for Kids Major cities […]

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Staying central but off the beaten path, in the Gràcia District

The city center of Barcelona offers great possibilities for places to stay, but lately I’m getting more and more requests of people who want to go off the beaten path… but not too much, at the same time. And there is one district that is precisely that way: Today’s guest blogger Harriet Freeman shares with […]

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Social Media for your Barcelona trip

Use social media to plan the perfect day in Barcelona

How to get the most out of Social Media when planning your trip Nowadays you can’t avoid social media even if you try. Anybody and everybody seems to use it, but did you know that you can also use social media to plan the perfect day in Barcelona? Maximize the time you spend on the […]

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Family-friendly-hotels Barcelona

Best places to stay for families in Barcelona

What are the best family-friendly hotels in town is a common request that we get from families that will be taking tours with us. That’s why today we decided to invite the Pros to share with you what are the favorite places to stay chosen by families in Barcelona. If you are planning a family […]

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