Spanish Cold Cuts

Catalan and Spanish charcuterie

Spanish cured meats you need to try in your next trip When you visit a new country it’s important to learn about its history, culture, architecture… but it’s equally important to discover the typical food locals usually eat. One of the most typical things here are Spanish cured meats. In a sandwich, as a snack, […]

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Iberian Ham varieties | ForeverBarcelona

Spanish cured ham varieties: which one to buy?

Not everything is what it seems: the truth about Spanish ham Spanish jamon (ham) is THE delicacy you need to try when visiting Spain. Forget about prosciutto or any other ham you’ve tried before: here you can get the real thing. And locals have it all the time! Unfortunately, choosing your Spanish cured ham right […]

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Barcelona steak house | ForeverBarcelona

We help you find the best steak in Barcelona

And the best meat restaurant in Barcelona is… Martin Gabriel wanted to know where could he eat the best steak in Barcelona. He had taken a food tour with us, and loved all the tapas we showed him, but he is a big meat lover and was craving to find a good Barcelona steakhouse. I […]

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