La Mercè Festival

Catalan Human Tower tradition

What are castellers?

Everything you want to know about Catalan human towers The tradition of building human towers in Catalonia has existed for over 200 years: we call it Castellers. Castellers are people who build towers with their bodies and make different constructions called castells (castles). It’s such a deeply  rooted tradition that there are even competitions between […]

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Barcelona Correfocs | ForeverBarcelona

Correfoc – the wildest tradition of La Merce Festival

Planning to attend the Fire Run? The Correfoc is a popular Catalan tradition consisting of a parade of infernal characters that chase people with fireworks. It is usually celebrated afterdark (when the effect of the fireworks is more striking), and arises a lot of emotions in the participants that range from (controlled) danger to fun […]

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Festes de la Merce | ForeverBarcelona

What to see during the Festes de la Merce

The biggest event in Barcelona in September La Merce Festival in Barcelona (or Festes de la Merce) is the most important local celebration in Barcelona: it’s our main festival – La Festa Major. Every year it is celebrated during the week around September 24, day of our Lady of Mercy – Patron Saint of Barcelona. […]

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