How to Save for your Dream Trip to Barcelona

If you've been following this blog for a while, you might know that we occasionally invite other bloggers to share their knowledge and tips. Money is a big topic when preparing a trip: will the destination be the right choice for your budget? If you always wanted to visit Barcelona and need some ideas to [...]

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How to pay for a private tour

How to afford a private tour

Can you afford a private tour? Private tours aren't cheap. Like a private jet isn't cheap, or having your own yacht isn't cheap, or going to a private school isn't cheap. But when you are on vacation you are ready to indulge a little bit. And a private tour is definitely cheaper than any of [...]

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Spain Travel Money Tips

Barcelona Travel Money Advice

How to travel with money safely in Barcelona People should always research local money travel tips before traveling to a new country. Because while some international travel advice might work for some places, they don’t work at all for other. During our tours, we often find ourselves helping out our guests with money issues and […]

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Barcelona city pass reviews

Is the Barcelona Card worth it?

Reviews of Articket Barcelona, Barcelona Card and the other top city passes My clients often ask me if it’s worth it to get a Barcelona city pass to get discounts for their sightseeing. I always answer that while some of them have quite tempting offers, they aren’t cheap and you totally need to carefully plan […]

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Tips in Spain | ForeverBarcelona

Tipping Etiquette in Spain

​How much is proper tipping? ​​​​It can be embarrassing when you are not familiar with the tipping guidelines in a country. I get asked about tipping etiquette very often by my clients, and it can be also embarrassing for me to answer them when asked in front of the person to be tipped. Is proper […]

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