Picasso in Barcelona

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881, but moved to Barcelona with his family when he was just a teen. Here he received his classical training as an artist, and later on joined the modernist trends inspired in the French impressionism that would take him to Paris. He spoke Catalan and he always kept in touch with his old friends and relatives that stayed in town. This is why we have a beautiful Picasso Museum in Barcelona that takes you back to the times when Picasso was here. In this tag you’ll find our blog posts about the genius, that will help you take the most out of your visit and to understand Picasso from a deeper point of view.

Barcelona vs Malaga highlights

Barcelona Vs Malaga Highlights For Travelers

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Pablo Picasso facts and stories

Interesting Pablo Picasso Facts (Plus A Bonus)

COOL PICASSO INTERESTING FACTS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT One of the most important museums in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum. And you might be wandering why do we have a Picasso museum if the artist was born in Malaga and lived most of his life in France? Well, he actually spent his youth and training years …

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Picasso Museum Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Barcelona Picasso Museum Highlights

PABLO PICASSO PAINTINGS IN SPAIN: BARCELONA​ You might be disappointed if you visit the Picasso Museum of Barcelona on your own: I have heard a lot of people complaining saying that they didn’t find there the kind of paintings they were looking for. and that’s correct, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona is not a Museum of the typical …

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