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Eating at the Disfrutar Barcelona restaurant

Disfrutar means to enjoy… And gosh! I did enjoy myself!

My amazing lunch at the Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might know that I collaborate with one of the largest food expert online networks: Xtreme Foodies (previously known as Chowzter / FoodieHub). Well, last week they sent a team to Barcelona to make some new recordings […]

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What to pack for Barcelona? Here are our tips:

5 food stalls not to be missed at Mercat Princesa

Long life to Mercat Princesa A few days ago was inaugurated Mercat Princesa, the newest gourmet food court in town, and I have been there to tell you about it. Mercat Princesa is located in a cool medieval building in the trendy Born district, hidden in the backstreets behind the Picasso Museum. The idea is […]

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