Find here my blog posts with useful safety rules for a safe stay in Barcelona.

Barcelona no fear

No tenim por – We are not scared

No fear I had a post ready to go with a refreshing Gazpacho recipe for today, but in the light of the recent tragic events in Barcelona, I felt I had to do something else. This is in memory of the people who perished in La Rambla and the fishing town of Cambrils after the [...]

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Barcelona Pharmacies | ForeverBarcelona

Are pharmacies open on Sundays in Barcelona?

English speaking pharmacies in Barcelona open on Sundays I hope you won’t need them, but when travelling occasionally it might be necessary to get some drugs, for either a stomach ache,  or a headache, or some skin issue… This is why  today  I am sharing with you where to find pharmacies open on Sundays in […]

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Airplane safety

Are you aware of how to stay safe on a plane?

Today we are having a guest post by travel blogger Sindhu. Since many of the Barcelona visitors arrive to Barcelona by air, when she offered to write this post I thought her tips would be valuable. Enjoy it and be safe! Safety Tips for Air Travel Travel by air has become the most common form […]

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Pickpoket tricks in Spain

How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona

Barcelona travel: Travel safe! In today’s post we want to teach you how to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona so you can have a safe and happy vacation. Photo Credit Although things are not as bad as they were some years ago, Barcelona is still a big city and you must follow some travel safety rules […]

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Barcelona beach safety rules | ForeverBarcelona

Safety at the beach in Barcelona – must read

Beach safety tips for a happy beach time Is there anything better after a long day sightseeing in Barcelona than enjoying the last sun rays of the day and refreshing your body in the Mediterranean sea? Barcelona has 4km of beach (about 2.5 miles) that are there for you to enjoy. However, neglecting safety at […]

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