Sagrada Familia Church

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Recommended Sagrada Familia restaurants | ForeverBarcelona

Any good restaurants near Sagrada Familia?

How to avoid tourist trap restaurants near la Sagrada Familia I usually tell my guests to avoid eating at the restaurants near Sagrada Familia: most of them are tourist traps. Unless you want to eat at McDonalds, KFC or Starbucks (not the kind of Spanish restaurant I’d be wishing to try…). But sometimes when you […]

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Hotels in Sagrada Familia area | ForeverBarcelona

Looking for a hotels near Sagrada Familia?

Don’t believe all Sagrada Familia hotel advertisements, they might be lying There aren’t too many hotels near Sagrada Familia , and unfortunately, when you google them or use a booking site, their advertizing might say they are close to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, when they are really 10 minutes walk or more… Quite misleading, […]

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Visit tips Sagrada Familia

What to see in Sagrada Familia church

Sagrada Familia visit tips: don’t miss anything! If there is one MUST-SEE place in town, that’s definitely the Sagrada Familia church. Started in 1882 by the architect Francesc de Paula i Villar, Gaudi took over the project a year later and transformed it into his masterpiece, his passion and obsession. It won’t be finished until […]

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