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Halal Restaurants in Barcelona

Our top list of Barcelona halal restaurants

Where to find halal food in Barcelona Eating halal in Barcelona is easier than you’d think. What’s difficult is to find Spanish (or even European) restaurants serving halal food, as most halal restaurants in Barcelona are Middle-Eastern, Pakistani, Turkish, Libanese or even Indian. If you are not interested in local cuisine, it won’t be hard […]

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Gluten Free in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Gluten Free Barcelona guide

We found the best gluten free restaurants in Barcelona The gluten free Barcelona options have grown a lot these last years, however, it’s not that easy to find the right places unless you can speak the local language. I had to go gluten free last July for health reasons, and it hasn’t been too hard […]

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Barcelona vegetarian places | ForeverBarcelona

Our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Vegetarian Barcelona secrets Are there any vegetarian restaurants in town where we can go? Lori K. and her family are vegetarian, and they were worried about not having enough food options during their stay. I answered them not to worry: I’ve been vegetarian myself for 3 years now, and I’m a huge foodie, so I […]

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Kosher Restaurants in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Kosher Barcelona Guide: our guide to Jewish food in Barcelona

Jewish food stores and kosher restaurants in Barcelona The kosher Barcelona scene has changed a lot these last years. I have been giving tours for over 14 years now, and many of my clients are Jewish. Although not all of them observed strictly the kosher rules when they are traveling, occasionally I meet people that […]

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