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Barcelona Pharmacies | ForeverBarcelona

Are pharmacies open on Sundays in Barcelona?

English speaking pharmacies in Barcelona open on Sundays I hope you won’t need them, but when travelling occasionally it might be necessary to get some drugs, for either a stomach ache,  or a headache, or some skin issue… This is why  today  I am sharing with you where to find pharmacies open on Sundays in […]

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Sunday in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

What to do in Barcelona on Sunday?

Barcelona on a Sunday can be disappointing… Weekends are usually a convenient time to travel, however… you need to take into account that certain things are likely to be closed on Sunday. Shops and food markets aren’t open, churches can’t be visited during services, and most museums close after 2pm. So what’s the alternatives? Prepare […]

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Restaurants open on Sunday in BCN | ForeverBarcelona

Do you know what Barcelona restaurants open Sunday?

We help you planning your Sunday lunch or dinner This week we are having another guest blog post in BCN-5, that I think will be superhelpful. The guys at YourconciergeBarcelona share their secret tips of places where to dine on Sunday. Mission impossible? Not at all! Trust them, they’re professionals! 5 places to eat in […]

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