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Social Media for your Barcelona trip

Use social media to plan the perfect day in Barcelona

How to get the most out of Social Media when planning your trip Nowadays you can’t avoid social media even if you try. Anybody and everybody seems to use it, but did you know that you can also use social media to plan the perfect day in Barcelona? Maximize the time you spend on the […]

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Online trip planning

Plan a vacation online with the best travel apps

Itinerary planning in a breeze Planning a vacation on line can be a bit overwhelming, specially if you are going for the first time to a destination. What should I see? Where should I stay? Where can I eat? How do I move around? Itinerary planning can be overwhelming. Thanks God technology has changed our […]

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Best Barcelona travel app list | ForeverBarcelona

Barcelona apps for your Ipod or Iphone

Top Barcelona app list Don’t leave home without downloading a few apps for Barcelona that will make your trip easier: Technology has changed so much our lives, and of course also the way we travel. Smartphones are now a great tool with infinite functions in one single device. If you are coming to Barcelona and […]

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