Climate in Barcelona

What is the weather in Barcelona like?

Barcelona climate facts The weather being good or bad is one of the points that can make your trip succeed or fail. So knowing about the local weather characteristics in your destination is vital to plan ahead and prepare accordingly to bring the right clothes and equipment. Find out how the Barcelona weather can affect […]

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Packing tips: how to dress in Barcelona in wintertime

What to pack for Barcelona in the winter

Your smart winter Barcelona packing list The weather in Barcelona is often changing. While some October days might feel almost like it’s still the summer, the next day can be chilly all of a sudden, and eventually wet. January and February tend to be the coldest months in the year. However, it only snows once […]

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Survive a rainy day in Barcelona

Oh, no! It’s raining in Barcelona!

Check out the best activities for a rainy day in town The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain… But what if it catches you in Barcelona during your holidays? You don’t want to stay in your hotel playing games and wasting your precious time here. So what should you do? Don’t worry: today […]

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Barcelona Tips for Summer Travel

Barcelona summer travel tips: how to avoid the heat

Coming to Barcelona in the summer? Barcelona in the summer is hot and humid, maybe not Miami-like, but the temperatures can reach 90°F with peaks of even 100°F. And since we are located by the sea, the atmosphere carries a lot of water steam and you will be sweating around the whole day. Learn how […]

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What to pack for Barcelona? | ForeverBarcelona

Add these to your Barcelona packing list!

Packing for Barcelona? Here are some clever ideas Packing for Barcelona can be a bit stressful, specially when you haven’t been to that place before. Will you be missing something important? Will you be able to get that easily if you don’t bring it with you and you need it? Plus you need to consider […]

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