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How to set up a Nativity Scene | ForeverBarcelona

How to make a nativity scene in 5 easy steps

TODAY WE TEACH YOU HOW TO SET UP A NATIVITY SCENE SET: Setting up a Nativity scene set is a Christmas tradition that children love: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Nativity scenes (pessebre in Catalan or belén in Spanish)! Families will set it up a couple of weeks before Christmas, and the whole process of […]

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Wise Men in Spain | ForeverBarcelona

5 Steps to enjoy the Three Wise Men festivity

Christmas is officially over January 6 in barcelona Christmas season is long in Spain! This week we are celebrating the last special day before it ends: January 6 in Barcelona is the day of the Three Wise Men (or the Magi, or the Tres Reis Mags, in Catalan) or the Epiphany. If you are visiting […]

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