Archaeological sites and ruins in Catalonia and Barcelona

Barcelona’s history dates back to the Roman times over 2000 years ago, and even further into the Iberian tribes. The Greek also established settlements in Catalonia, and there are many opportunities to visit archaeological sites. If you like old stones, in this post you’ll find our best posts regarding impressive ruins such as those in Tarragona (now Human Heritage by the UNESCO) as well as other hidden gems off the beaten path in Barcelona and around it. Make sure to check out our Tarragona tour offer and our Barcelona Roman Heritage tour as well! They are an opportunity to escape from the tourists crowds and travel millennia back in history!

Ruins of Roman Barcino

The Barcelona Roman Ruins

WHAT’S LEFT FROM THE ROMAN IN BARCELONA? 2000 years ago, the Romans arrived to our land and founded what was going to become the city of Barcelona. They interacted with the local Iberian tribes, but those were nomad and hadn’t created a city of their own. Or at least it hasn’t been found yet. The …

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Archaeology in Catalonia Spain | ForeverBarcelona

Best Archaelogical Sites In Catalonia

A POST FOR OLD STONES LOVERS: TOP ANCIENT RUINS NEAR BARCELONA Catalonia has a long history that starts many centuries ago even before the Romans, with the Iberian tribes. If you love archaeology, you’ll be excited to hear that there are lots of great ruins near Barcelona that you can visit in your next trip. Prehistorian, …

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What to see in Tarragona: Roman circus

Top Things To Do In Tarragona

VISIT TARRAGONA AND DON’T MISS ANYTHING IMPORTANT South of Catalonia we find one of the most historical cities in our country: When  you visit Tarragona you travel back to Roman times. The city was founded in the III bc century by the Romans, and there are still lots of evidences of their legacy. The city …

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