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Barcelona is located by the coast of the Mediterranean sea, what guarantees us daily servings of fresh fish and seafood. Plus having one of the largest whole sale market hugs in Europe, we also receive by plane the freshest sea products from the Atlantic coast of the North of Spain. That’s why fish and seafood should be part of many of you meals in Barcelona. In this tag of our blog you’ll find all our blog posts discussing seafood and fish specialties as well as the best restaurants where you can try them. We hope they inspire you to try new things in your next Barcelona trip.

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Traditional Spanish Fish Dishes To Try In Your Next Trip

MOST DELICIOUS FISH DISHES FROM SPAIN FOR YOU Fish in Spain is as important as pork when it comes to cooking. It couldn’t be otherwise when the country is surrounded by water pretty much everywhere expect for the border with Portugal and the Pyrenees bordering with France. The Atlantic ocean provides amazing seafood to the Northern …

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Soups and Stews from Spain

Best Spanish Fish Stew List

OUR FAVORITE SPANISH FISH SOUP CHOICES​ Ordering a Spanish style fish dish can be tricky, after all, translating fish names is one of the hardest endeavors any traveler has to face when ordering food. And it’s such a shame that often visitors miss out on the delicious Spanish fish dishes out of fear of ordering the …

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Spanish Seafood You Must Try (Awesome Tapas Ideas)

BEST SHELLFISH AND SEAFOOD TAPAS DISHES Eating shellfish types of tapas can be really adventurous if you don’t know what you are ordering. And the truth is that in Barcelona the best marisquerías  and seafood restaurants offer a large variety of Spanish seafood that you absolutely should try. When I walk my guests around the Boqueria Market, they are always …

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Recommended Barcelona Seafood Restaurants

THE BARCELONA BEST SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS REVEALED​ You can’t leave Barcelona without eating in a seafood restaurant! Located by the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona offers a wide selection of amazing seafood and fish restaurants. But how can you make sure that you are making the perfect choice for you, it’s so many to choose from? This week we …

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